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    Hi Terry, and Shoot Out Racers

    Sorry for the delay, the Alligators are biting here.

    There may be a bit of a mix up on your race.

    I can not find time to enter a car myself so please release my spot to someone who has time to build a car.

    Regarding the races:

    I am happy to run the cars on the Sport Track here, the Wooden Track here and also the Classic Test Track.

    Of course if you do not want racers to have to fit the standard guide then the Classic track is out.

    Personally I can run a car set up with the shallow guide fine on Sport and the Wooden Track but that is your call.

    I am honored to run peoples cars, and will race them how you wish.

    My round will be run as a solo time trial with me running each car first in a Qualifying run to seed them, then in a timed run to get the highest lap count possible.

    Let me know your format re time each car should run.

    Sure you have probably already posted this here, been so busy doing Service Work I really have not had time to read much on SCI lately.

    I thank you for putting together this Event I am sure it will be fun for all.

    PS The Car I showed a photo of was not mine, someone ( Paul I think ) was trying to post it so I did the honors.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      Two sheets and you could manage the full quarter mile ... why think small?

      An easy project even without a router, if you can set a bench saw to the right depth for the slots.


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        Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Be there!!!!!!

        Two sheets and you could manage the full quarter mile ... why think small?
        I know. I'd really like to do a 1/4 mile strip (41.25') but it wouldn't fit completely in my shop. My shop is only 45' long. Think the cars will stop in less the 5'?
        Could make the shutdown end go uphill like Nebraska Motorplex with a corn field at the end.
        How long of a shutdown area is needed?

        Thanks for the reply Alan. I'll make the change to the list. AJK will be happy.



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          Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post
          I hope we don't have any of the really shallow plastic tracks in use for this series though.
          I'll second that. I'd like to vote we not use the Classic track so the guides don't have to be trimmed to accomodate that one track.

          This will also lighten Alan's racing load.


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            Me too. That 3/16" deep slot is shallower than the others.

            The .200" slot in the Sport is shallow enough.


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              Me three. Just one less thing to worry depth that is.