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    Originally posted by slotbutton View Post
    I personally would run them in reverse order of their overall position
    I like to put the fast guys at the back like short track racing. The fastest/easiest cars to race are driven first giving the cars at the back the advantage of drivers being warmed up.
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      A clarification on Hosting Rules and Guidelines.

      It has been mentioned about checking cars prior to a race so I thought I should post this to clarify how this will work.

      2.1 Absolute transparencyis critical to the success of this series.
      2.2.1 Before the “warm-up”each car will be inspected, braids checked/set and make sure everything is correct. No host is to disassemble any car at any time without notifying race control of a problem and receiving the go-ahead from race control and the car owner. A PM to the entrant is not an approved form of communication. The host must contact race control on issues arising and entrants are expected to respond to race control within 24hrs. Race control will post the results of all issues, repairs and penalties.
      2.2.2 PM’ing any contestantfirst could bring the shootout into disrepute.
      2.2.3 It is the final decisionof the car owner if they want a repair done and when deciding such they also agree to any subsequent penalty. This will all be posted in the forum by race control.
      2.2.4 No lubingof any kind is permitted or required once the cars leave tech. (No oil, braid juice, comm . drops, lotions, potions or notions thereof.)

      This was clearly stated in the rules all agreed to when entering this race.
      This was done to prevent conversation and potential adjustments to a car without the Entrant fully understanding the penalty they may then collect.
      This is how it works Race Host is the organizer of that segment of the Shootout, it is in effect not a round it is a stage in a single Event the Complete ShootOut.
      If the Race Host notices a problem with a car he contacts Race Control "Car number 54 has a problem Race Control what should we do"
      Then Race Control contacts the car being driven in the race, for all intents and purposes you the Entrant are in the car racing. Over your radio ( PM ) comes "This is Race Control car #54 you have a problem, your rear wing is loose what do you want to do? " Driver ( Entrant via PM to Race Control ) ," I would like to Pit and fix my wing before it falls off".
      Race Control "OK pull in that will be a 5 lap Penalty"
      Driver " Wait if it does not actually fall off can I keep going"
      Race Control "Yes if you do not want to take the Penalty and your wing stays on, you can keep going. But if it falls off you will have to stop, and then receive a Penalty"
      Driver " OK I will keep going and see what happens thank you "
      Race Control than alerts the Race Host, "No do not fix the car he will run until the end or the wing falls off which will force him to stop and take a Penalty.
      Then Race Control announces to the Audience watching the Race (SCI) Car number 54 has been warned he has a loose wing, he is keeping on running for now, but if the wing comes off then he will have to stop and take the Penalty. This is clear and fair to all.
      It could also be in pre race from Race Control to a Driver ( Entrant) after being told by a Race Host. " Car 54 your front axle screw under visual inspection appears to be loose, do you want to fix it. There will be a 5 lap Penalty.
      Race Host reports to Race Control that the car is still very drivable."
      Driver " No I will keep going then thank you.
      Again this would then be announced to all that Car 54 has a loose screw but decided not to take the Penalty as his car is still running fine, this is after all an Endurance race, one race, not 10 races.
      If the situation was reported from Race Host to Race Control, " Car # 54 can not run here as a screw is dragging on my track, please advise Race Control" then Race Control would contact the Driver " Car 54 your car cannot run in the condition it is in right now, you have to pit and have the screw adjusted, but please be aware there is a 5 Lap Penalty" Driver" OK have the Race Host fix the car I will take the Penalty, or worse case ( I hope not going to happen ) Pull the car I want to fix it sent it home. ( This would cost the Entrant penalty plus cost of shipping ) then Race Control would announce to the audience (SCI) Car #54 is in the pits for repair to a screw, and has taken a 5 lap penalty.
      At no time can the Race Host discuss with the Race Car owner what to do. This prevents situations where work could happen on a car without clear advice to the car owner from Race Control.

      Please all race hosts follow these guidelines, if a racer contacts you please refer them to Race Control to prevent any problems, this makes it fair and transparent. No one will work on a car unless instructed to do so by Race Control, who will have been asked by the Driver to get the work done, and fully understand the penalty he will receive.

      Now back to the ShootOut. Looking forward to round 3.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        Just in case anyone is unsure how we run the Shootout, these are last years rules and guidelines.

        If you have any questions that haven't been answered please ask them here.
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