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Round 3 - Maxport II at Mini Grid

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    Thanks for all the kind words folks ... but trust me, it was my pleasure to host the event.
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      So that's it for the Maxport II race at Mini Grid (

      I had a blast putting it together and the drivers have all responded that they want to do it again, but with 1 caveat .... they want more cars next year ... they didn't get enough! (Okay, they also wished they could change lanes too.)

      My only regret is that I didn't drive in the race. If I have the privilege of hosting next year I'll change that!

      The cars are packed and will be handed over to Canada Post in a day or two.

      I thank the organizers for allowing me to host.

      Most importantly, thanks to Scott Maxwell and the wonderful folks at Mini Grid for allowing me to use their great facility to run the race.

      A final farewell from Scott (aka Cameron on SCI) as he bids the cars goodbye ... at least until 2013?
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        Okay, they also wished they could change lanes too.
        The easy way to arrange that is to run shorter heats, if you ran 1 minute heats the drivers could run in 2 other lanes? Might be an interesting concept to see which way gets a higher lap total.

        Thanks to Scott for letting you host a round.


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          Thank You Johnnyslots and the Mini Grid folks for a great race and congratulations to all the Racers ! Jscot111


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            Originally posted by jscot111 View Post
            Thank You Johnnyslots and the Mini Grid folks for a great race and congratulations to all the Racers ! Jscot111
            Congrats on your perfect season to date! Your car is a great drive!


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              Johnny, thanks to you and the crew for the great run! You did an amazing job with the photos and race reports.


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                And the Maxport II 2012 proxy race at Mini Grid is now officially done ... in other words, the cars are now in the hands of Canada Post on their way to New Hampshire.

                Thanks all, it's been fun.

                I wish all competitors and hosts the best for the remaining races. I look forward to reading about it all here on SCI!


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                  Great round 3 from Mini Grid

                  Thanks to all who made this happen.

                  Now on to round 4.
                  Alan Smith
                  SCI Owner.



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                    Now on to round 4.
                    Looking forward to getting them!!


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                      Sorry for the delay...

                      Stats updated:

                      Good job, Johnny... thanks!