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Round 6 at Road Augusta Slot Speedway (The RASS)

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    Shake it...

    Neil lost the lead in Group C at his own track and AUTORAMA moved out of the basement:


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      Originally posted by nhdungeonracer View Post

      Tony was sandbagging in qualifying - again!!
      That's FnK for ya!


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        Originally posted by steeveew View Post
        Apparantly my car liked your truck.....
        Yes, well, my truck is not allowed to consort with fast racy cars...she's a good girl and has a reputation to maintain you know! However, my track seems to get along fine with your car.

        Originally posted by JohnnySlots
        Any chance of letting us know which cars ran on which nights and what the ambient conditions were like for each session?
        Really can't recall which cars were run when. Honestly, the conditions - meaning heat - did not vary all that much. The temp in the garage ranged from about a morning low of 85 to a high of around 90 degrees in the evening. I had a fan going, but it was on me and don't think it would make any difference in the air temp.

        Originally posted by Kerry
        Neil lost the lead in Group C at his own track and AUTORAMA moved out of the basement
        Yes, I took note of that brash rookie (gambler49) early on...Brian has a really nice car. Hope I can hold on.
        And AUTORAMA's car really liked my truck.....uh, I mean track.

        And now I need an address for the next round.


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          I need an address for the next round.
          Neil, I would be happy to tell you where you can send them from here.


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            Great photos and coverage, Thank you very much for the race. Some very close racing!


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              AUTORAMA moved out of the basement

              and I moved in no biggie as this is my very first year and I assure you guys I willn't so easily beaten next year..............well maybe not so easy.

              Neil thanks again for all your efforts in this great "job"...



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                Holding up the rear....

                First--thanks guys for another great event and pictures!!! My Smokin Joe is not liking Scaley track --and why should it??? I mean that's the **** surface it ran on at home!!!!!

                Regardless, great job and I'm looking forward to the 'wood' tracks --like Boopies .... where I'll even get to drive all these monsters!!!!



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                  OK, another Slotit Shootout complete at Road Augusta Slot have been shipped to boopiejones in California, and should arrive approximately Wed next week (4 business days...unless FedEx counts Saturday as a business day).

                  While the heat at trackside was a bit wearing this year, I had a great time driving some of the best cars yet in the Shootout. As has been mentioned, the competition bar keeps getting raised every year. A combination of car building skills and an ever-improving Slotit product makes for some amazing cars.

                  Thanks guys, I really enjoyed it.


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                    I'm at that point in the season where I'm ready to say 'Oh, Phooey, this proxy stuff is stupid and I ain't never gonna win' ...

                    Ever the eternal optimist however, I look forward to seeing what happens at Mike's place. Could even maybe be convinced to enter again next year. Possibly.


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                      Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post
                      .... Could even maybe be convinced to enter again next year. Possibly.
                      Would that be one car or two?


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                        Looking forward to seeing and driving the cars when they get here .

                        [ame=""]ABBA California Here I come - YouTube[/ame]