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2016 Shootout rules

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  • 2016 Shootout rules

    Here are the Scaleracing Group C and LMP/GT1 open rules.

    Group C

    Anyone needing a pdf of the Group C rules, can have them emailed.
    Will try to post them a bit clearer at some point.

    LMP/GT1 Open
    All LMP/GT1 models - R390 Road Car not eligible.
    Lola, Porsche GT1, Audi, Nissan R390, McLaren F1GTR and F40.
    Nissan R390 Road Car is not legal. call these cars Modern LeMans.

    Any part
    No modifications of body allowed
    Wheels must not be visible from above.
    Wheels must have inserts.
    Any rubber tires - No S1 or S2
    Tyres may be glued and trued.

    Entry link will be posted this week, shouldn't be any change from last year

    Entry deadline to be confirmed

    Tracks to be announced by 31 August 2015
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    Missing class C rules?

    Hmm... I am seeing the most minimalist set of rules I've ever perused... 8 blank lines. While my first inclination is to interpret this as an indication that there are no rules, i.e. anything goes , but upon further reflection, I doubted that this was in keeping with the spirit of SIS Class C . Looking at the code for your post, I see that there should be eight pictures, but alas they are not visible on my computer (picture IDs: albumid=1326&pictureid=60355 through 60362) and are not to be found in your Gallery. Have they gone AWOL?

    I'd like a PDF copy please - easiest method is just to attach the PDF to the rules posting (unless you prefer not to have them available that way).



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      PDF is to large to upload! Broke it down into 2 pages and still got error message.
      PM me your email and I'll send them, will also fix pictures



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        So no sidewinders allowed in Group C, then? Or am I missing something?


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          Or am I missing something?
          Not unless you've lost the ability to read?

          Group C has never had sidewinder.

          No Group C EVO in 2016, you can use sidewinder and teal motors in LMP/GT1
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            Not unless you've lost the ability to read?
            Could happen. I might have bumped my head, or something.

            Will have to review the Group C options.


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              Hi Darren,

              All good! I needed to read through the rules for Group C a few times to have all my questions answered, but it's all there...

              I like the way you've got my entry (#34 Bob Jane 956C) in the photos...

              As it's body is under the 18g weight min, and I wouldn't be brave enough to contemplate a light kit, I'll try to do a 'tidy' job of placing some tungsten putty under the cockpit to bring it up to weight - shouldn't take very much...

              Still a few different set-ups to contemplate, but will need a finalized host list first....

              Ready to host again down here again if desired...

              Cheers, Tony.
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                Are you allowed to true the tires in the Group C class; I see that you can glue them, but I didn't see anything about truing, so I assume that it is not allowed - correct?

                Oops, re-read section 9.1; I have my answer.

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                  For LMP/GT1 OPEN:

                  Any part
                  No modifications of body allowed

                  Is a lexan cockpit considered a body modification?

                  Also, just to insure there's no confusion - solely on my part, no doubt - could you list the eligible LMP/GT1 cars?
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                    Is a lexan cockpit considered a body modification?

                    No as it falls under this rule: Any part

                    As an example of body modification - you can't cut a hole in the rear of the anglewinder Lola body in order to make it inline.

                    Eligible cars:
                    Audi R8 CA01A/B/C/D/E/F/A-10th
                    Audi R8 Reloaded CA12A/B/C
                    Audi R18 TDI CA24A/B CW12
                    Audi R18 e tron Quattro CA29A
                    Ferrari F40 KF02A/B/C/D
                    Lola B09/60 - B10/60 - B11/80 CA22A/B/C
                    McLaren F1 GTR CA10A/B/C/D/E/F
                    Nissan R390 GT1 CA05A/B/C/D/E
                    Nissan R390 LT GT 1 CA14A/B/C/D/E
                    Porsche 911 GT1 EVO 98 CA23A/B/C/D CW13


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                      No chassis clearance in the open class?


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                        No clearance spec.

                        No clearance spec, but must be able to complete 10 rounds without dragging on the track.
                        Any car that may damage the track due to gear contact would be asked to fix that situation.
                        This would mean sending extra wheels/tires with the entry to be changed under penalty.
                        Best to allow enough room for wear.
                        Alan Smith
                        SCI Owner.



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                          Updated Modern LeMans list. LMP GT1.

                          Maybe we should call the OPEN Class Modern LeMan as that is the name on Site.
                          However the Nissan GT 40 1968 is not legal. Maurizio that may be an error in the Modern LeMans listing
                          Alan Smith
                          SCI Owner.



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                            The original Group C rules can be printed from here:

                   (Pages 7 / 14)

                            However! - there are some changes to these rules!! So once you've printed your copy, go back to the official rules posted above, and amend your printed copy accordingly....

                            Amended rules are: 3.11.2 ; 9.1 ; 10.1; 10.3.1 ; 11.1.6

                            I still have no idea what the PT1214 front tire is... closest I can come up with on the website is PT1214S2 - which appears to be a silicone front tire ( I guess for the Audi 4wd?)

                            Cheers, Tony.


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                              Or I can just email the edited ones too you.