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SPR 2014 Registration - Incoming deadlines - Jan. 3 postmarked, Jan. 22 received

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    Dan, entry fee sent via PayPal, sorry I was a bit late too!


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      Just a reminder of some looming deadlines to shoot for.

      Have your mailed package postmarked by January 3 and they should be in Canada by January 22.

      The incoming mailing address, again, is:

      Keith Hines
      309 -19131 Ford Road
      Pitt Meadows, British Columbia
      Canada V3Y 2R5

      Looking forward to running the cars.

      Dan , Keith and JT


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        Is the Hearse Coming?


        How's that beastly Sprite hearse of yours coming along. We need it here to carry off the bodies of dead plastic drivers.

        Besides, we need a few more Canucks in this thing, eh?


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          Hi, as you may have seen from my other post, please can you put my entry as #27 not #2.




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            Okay Pete, we'll update your car number. Just send the penalty fee to the SPR PayPal account, the more you pay, the better your car performs... I think it is a minimum of one dollar per numerical change in value... (Just kidding)



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              Well, I finally posted my cars. We had a big blizzard out here, 5-degree temps and about 20" of snow, so that is my official excuse! (I sure needed one...).

              Despite my best intentions, I am sending last years cars with a light tune up. They are packed with updated SPR Propaganda signs and guardrail graphics to use at the host tracks. Dan and crew did a nice job incorporating them into photos last year. With Keith helping, I expect an even larger extravaganza!

              Boxed it all up, overcame the USPS online shipping tool being offline and rally-raced through the snow-covered streets to the Hamilton, MA post office, passing one of George Patton's Sherman tanks (displayed in "Patton Park" of course) and officially passed the cars into the hands of the USPS!



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                Finally managed to get my cars in the post today,only 3 days late!

                HP Sprite Plumber batpan chassis, SRP 16,000 motor geared ar 10/25, Tassie Resin Body and tyres,BWA wheels.

                SPX Flex plate chassis,SRP 18,000 motor geared at 9/23. Again Tassie Resin tyres,body and inserts.
                Not sure if this one has enough motor BUT it is easy to drive.


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                  I like that green/yellow paint job and your chassis' ! Going to be a nice group of cars!


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                    Deadline, Schmedline?

                    Hey Phil:

                    What's the point of a deadline if you can't be late for it. It seems in this hobby, a deadline means you still have a week or two. The main thing is that we know your cars are coming, and we will be able to run them in the proxy.

                    At least that's my take on it, and I'm the one the cars are coming to.


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                      Glad to see a new entrant's car on the way from one of the hobby's most senior car builders! Our first orange car too - I like it. Phil, easy to drive is often one of the best attributes for a proxy car, looking forward to driving it!



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                        Thanks guys, I think this proxy should be a bit of fun, with these tiny cars. The orange one was very rushed, but at least it is on the way.


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                          After the recent email correspondence and payments, we're looking at eighteen entries in total, ten in HP and eight in SPx.

                          Keith will have in hand within the next two weeks or so entries from:

                          1. Pete Shepherd
                          2. Alexis in Greece
                          3. JT Previa
                          4. Doubl-B
                          5. retro racer 44
                          6. black3sr
                          7. charlesx
                          8. mether05
                          9. MNewns
                          10. Phil Kalbfell

                          1. VTECFOUR
                          2. BRAIN
                          3. JT Previa
                          4. MNewns
                          5. retro racer 44
                          6. black3sr
                          7. charlesx
                          8. Phil Kalbfell

                          That's up from last year's fifteen (HP - 8, SPx - 7).

                          This is going to be fun!