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SPR - 2014 - Round 7 - The Ring Raceday

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  • SPR - 2014 - Round 7 - The Ring Raceday


    The Red Baron retrieves a Great Package from the Airship Terminal and heads off to the Ring!

    The Baron spares not a second and races directly to Ring headquarters...

    The Sprite Proxy cars have arrived! Fritz Stroebl directs workers to ready the Ring!

    Workers erect temporary signage along the course...

    Crowds assemble as TV crews prepare to broadcast the event to the rest of the world...

    The Great Package will be opened and inspected by Stroebl himself. No surprises as all 18 entrants arrived safely and without travel damage.

    Who will be crowned Kings of the Ring?



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    Wow, someone really sat on that box. Good thing each car was boxed again inside.


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      So think you'll be able to reuse that box???? 😛 good grief! So glad it was marked FRAGILE!


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        Hear hear to the previous comments. For our local NZ Canam Proxy we have an ali suit case for transit purposes with cars packed in foam rubber therein. This fits in an outer cardboard carton. No damage has been sustained to date. Long may this continue.

        As the 18 small cars were not damaged clearly the substantial packing served it purpose but thank goodness for the Fragile signs.

        Really looking forward to this round. As I said with recent VRAA round will be good to see how Dart Hobbies products perform on what is almost their home track.


        Chas Le Breton


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          And they are off!!!

          Pre-race inspections proceeded without a hitch. All entries were provided routine maintenance including a visual inspection & braid/tire cleaning prior to taking to the track for warm up.

          Several warm up laps by the race director provided race control an opportunity to set the grid for both classes, almost LeMans style. Four minute heats x 3 rotations for a total of 12 exciting minutes for every entrant would determine the outcome. Dedicated and long time slot dogs Kevin, Bill G. & Bob C. readied for the blitz.
          Who would be the King of the Ring?
          After a relaxing lunch followed by an efficient performance by famed accordionists the Dietriche Durdles it was finally time to Race!
          The HP race was first. Cars lined the inside shoulder. Driver's tightened their seatbelts... ...the broadcaster paused...
          They were off!
          GO! GO! GO!
          Next up were the SPX group. Drivers checked their gauges...
          There they go!!!
          Round 7 for the SPX class was underway!


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            Nice coverage! Great looking track


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              Great coverage! Beautiful track......but I'm worried if cars are lined up in qualifying order in the class pics....I look like I'm bringing up the end of the pack.

              Brain '63'


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                WOW! Great minds...


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                  I am patiently awaiting results as may be a surprise in SPX.

                  Darn I missed going to the track last night.

                  Bill #71


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                    What happened to you last night Bill?

                    Thanks to our gracious host Art (DArt Hobbies) for hosting another great Proxy Race.

                    It was neat to examine the wide range of entries in both classes and it was evident that several of the cars had many many hours spent on them by way of paint and chassis work.

                    A few of the entries have had tires rubbing on the bodies for several races now and this has caused their tires to get chewed up or go out-of-round. This turned up in the results I assure you. Nothing will slow a car down or make it misbehave more than tire rubs and/or Square or Egg Shaped Tires.

                    Overall most of the cars ran very well and it was cool to be one of the "Test Pilots"

                    Nice work guys

                    I guess I'll have to leave you all in suspense as I don't see any of the results posted yet



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                      Pant, pant, pant!

                      So who won. eh?

                      As soon as I see the results posted, I will set to work up-dating the spreadsheet.


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                        Round 7 Results


                        Pictures will follow but here are the results. There were several close battles but after 12 minutes of racing the results generally reflected warm up times. I did run each car 10 - 15 laps prior to the race in warm up to make sure everything worked and sorted the field based on my impressions. It was up to the drivers after that... it was a fun evening!

                        Overall the cars worked very well. I too found that body float causing tire rub & square tires were the main impediments. One car in particular could have changed its standing by more positions than I have fingers on one hand if it just had round tires. Gearing held some cars back on this track too.

                        I believe two cars need attention, not because of any particular incident in Round 7 but due to the wear and tear of a proxy race (or defective adhesives/material):

                        SPX - 71 - front body post is separated from the body but is being held loosely in position by the hot glue - this needs to be repaired. I can do that if I am permitted since in my opinion this is a repair...

                        HP - 33 - chassis clearance at the rear of your car due to abnormal tire wear is too low. I can replace your rear tires with a comparable DArt tire (which I would mount and true) if permitted in time for Round 8 or again if permitted owner could send me another set to mount but not sure how long that would take...

                        Without further delay, here are the results (pictures to follow):

                        1. #7 - 88.130 Laps
                        2. #17 - 87.320
                        3. #23 - 85.135
                        4. #5 - 84.800
                        5. #15 - 83.830
                        6. #27 - 83.490
                        7. #45 - 82.500
                        8. #98 - 80.120
                        9. #71 - 78.850
                        10. #33 - 68.300
                        1. #39 - 100.930 Laps
                        2. #71 - 96.480
                        3. #44 - 96.090
                        4. #9 - 94.490
                        5. #8 - 93.860
                        6. #77 - 92.135
                        7. #63 - 91.840
                        8. #13 - 91.190
                        Cheers to everyone who entered and to the podiumites! Some beautiful paint, cool bodies and very well handling cars.
                        As promised pictures will follow over the course of this weekend...


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                          Thanks for the opportunity to be a Sprite Proxy driver Art! And thanks also to all of the builder/entrants. It was a great night!
                          I remember following posts when the Sprite proxy was just in the discussion phase a few years ago so its great to see the results of everyone's labours. Some really nicely turned out cars in this grid! Its also interesting to see the various solutions for body mounts and general chassis construction that all of the entrants came up with. Lots of very good work overall and everyone put a lot of time and effort into their cars which is great to see.
                          Most of the cars performed very well with a few exceptions mostly due to body rub and/or tire out of roundness as Kevin and Art have mentioned above.

                          Highlights from what I remember.
                          HP class not much difference in the top 3-4 cars.

                          The #7 car was just a bit smoother to drive consistently.
                          #33 unfortunately suffered from severely out of round tires.
                          #27 gets my pick for paint work. #7 also very nicely painted. But lots of beautiful paint jobs throughout the grid.


                          The number 39 definitely had the speed on this track but took a bit to get used to as it didn't have a lot of braking. Once you adapted your driving to the car it went very smoothly though.
                          #71 and 44 also performed well. 44 a little slower but smoother handling made it more predictable to drive. #9 was also very smooth to drive but just not quite as quick as some of the others.
                          Quite a variety of paintwork in this class! I really like the inventiveness of the 69, 8 and 9 cars but hard to pick a favourite out of the entire group. Nice work guys!

                          Thanks again and good luck to all of the entrants for the rest of the series!

                          Very inspiring stuff! Now where is that Airfix Sprite kit I had laying around.......?

                          Bill G


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                            Finally a podium in SPX. Must be the DART's. Art, Please have a go at repairing the post. Thanks.

                            My HP sure is consistent . A solid 2 points every time out. Maybe a drop on a concrete floor would improve the handling.

                            When is the next race scheduled? Maybe I can make it.

                            Bill #71.


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                              Congratulations to all the Podium-ites!