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Round 2 Mornington Park

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  • Round 2 Mornington Park

    Round 2 of this years Tasman Cup was held at Dave Grays Mornington Park track.
    This track is one of the smaller tracks in our group,BUT does provide some good racing.
    The track was built by one of HMCC's founding members and is based on the original 1967 HMCC Club track,just scaled down.

    Rob Golley helped marshal duties along with 4 other HMCC members.
    Drivers for this round are myself on Lane 3, Rhys Filbee and Adrian Gray on Lane one.

    The Stray lotus is Rhys,s Club racer that he ran for comparison,it would have finished in four place, just behind John.

    Dave gray also put his BRM in the field even though it is getting tired it would have been a good midfield runner.

    I think photographer Bruce liked Davids Ferrari,several shots and even in focus.

    The winner is Slo1quick again! He finished about 1.5 metres ahead of my car with John Batich a lap behind my car.
    This is a very well presented and quick car scoring the fastest race lap also.

    Some of us though Rhys drove like a girl,then he turned his back on us!!

    Thanks very much to Dave and Adrian Gray for hosting this event and having us all there two weeks in a row.

    My drivers note need to be sorted and I will post then ASAP.

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    My notes on driving the cars at Mornington.
    No1 Quick car but steps out very easy under acceleration making it hard to drive consistantlt
    No2 Handles well,but the motor seems well down on grunt
    No3 What can I say very good car and very fast.
    No 4 good car,could do with a bit more grip on this track.
    No 5 Lacking power and when pushed hard to try and get good times suddenly lets go and rolls.
    No 6 Just lacks acceleration out of the corners
    No 7 Smooth seems to handle well BUT very little grip on this track.
    No 8 Very good car easy to drive.
    No 9 not as smooth as it should be,but good car.
    No 12 No problems good car
    No 14 Very good not as fast as the top cars,only thing I would try is a gear change.
    No 17 Motor seems down on power or tight.
    No 18 Very good car no quirks
    No 22 just sound like tyres are out of round.
    No 41 Handles well But sounds like the motor is working hard,gearing?
    No 56 Motor just not up to the job,handling good.
    No 60 Fast car,would do better with more grip
    No 67 May benefit from a gearing change.
    No 71 Gearing not as smooth as it could be.
    No 78 No quirks or problems.

    Rhys made the comment after the race that is is the best lot of Proxy cars he has driven,apart from Davids lack of grip all the others were good to drive.
    I have to agree there are no bad cars in this lot. It is just that the front runner are getting better each year.
    Well done to all the builders.
    IMO each car should get a fresh run in motor and new tyres each year.
    The biggest difference in any of the cars was tyres and a few tired motors.
    I am surprised that the Gage tyres seem to vary from car to car,either age or preparation must be the difference.
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