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Great new Proxy.

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  • Great new Proxy.

    Should be lots of Mini, Lotus Elite etc.

    Cool if I have time can I enter something like this

    or even,

    Cool but not sure how good as a Slot Car Racer.

    Good luck with this new proxy, looking forward to some fun cars.
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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    Thanks Alan for making a place to host our race series! We'd love to see you in the U13 if you find the time!

    VTEC and I are preparing the final rule details and will be posting them soon.

    For our introduction, check out our transition page in the Sprite Proxy Race sub-forum:

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      Pretty sure the link be broken http://"http://www.slotcarillustrate...d.php?t=80508"


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        Thanks for stopping by!

        I think you meant "What a great new proxy! I wish you all some luck. However, the above link didn't work for me, perhaps it is broken?"



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          U13 Sedan Class?

          What a great new proxy (does this give me license to now say anything I want )

          Here's a thought that occurred as I was perusing the possible builds for this proxy:

          Given that U13 sedans such as NSU, Trebant, split window beetles, Fiat 600/850, Austin A35/40, Triumph Herald, etc. with their high center of gravity are always going to be handicaped against roller skates like Spidget, Porsche 356/550, Lotus Super 7, is there any consideration of/interest in a separate U13 sedan class? Same general rules as U13 but cars would have to be scale model of a production hardtop sedan (from an approved list) that fit the required dimensions, and said dimensions would include minimum heights at the roof and at the fenders above the axles. Possible class names: U13 Tintop, U13 Hi Rollers.




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            Some good ideas there Scott but body must be available.

            We do not all live in Slot car heaven wherever that is.


            Chas Le Breton


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              Several of those 'tintop' bodies in that picture


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                One of the reasons I brought this up is that 1/32 sedans are probably more readily available than the "sportscars". A quick online survey yields:

                Minis from Scalextric and SCX
                VW 1200/1300 from Scalextric and possibly others (depending on size)
                Fiat/Seat 600 -Scalextric, SCX
                Fiat/Seat 850 Sport/TC - SCX
                NSU 1300 - Revell
                Trabant - Revell
                VW 1200 body - Airfix (oversize?), Arii
                Renault Dauphine body - Airfix
                Triumph Herald body - Airfix
                Datsun/Nissan 1000 and 1200 (Bluebird) Arii
                Honda Z600 - Arii
                Subaru/Mazda/Honda 360 - Arii (hey, they may be a bit odd looking but they raced these puppies HARD in Japan)

                and that's without digging very deep for discontinued kits or custom shell casters.

                Vtec, is that white #23 in the poster a Fiat 850 Sport? Great little car (altho' that one looks a little oversize in the company it's keeping ). Where did the body come from?

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                  The #23 Fiat 850 Coupe was a SCX offering that we never saw here in N.A. It's a beautifully done body with a separately molded side window trim that you press in.

                  The photo angle makes it look much larger than the others. Here's mine sitting on a Reprotec Fiat Abarth chassis with aluminum rims done for me by Ranch Design.

                  These small car dimensions (in inches) from my fleet give you a better comparison.

                  Length Width Wheelbase

                  SCX Fiat 850 Coupe 4.3, 1.75, 2.5
                  Airfix Bugeye Sprite 4.0, 1.70, 2.5
                  Revell Trabant 4.3, 1.85, 2.5
                  SCX Fiat Abarth 4.18*, 1.99, 2.45

                  *not including engine lid

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                    Lots of enthusiasm here! Great to see!

                    GT6 - I like your style! We talked about an all saloon series, but 1. Wanted to accommodate Sprites, and 2. Liked the visual of a variety of sedans and spiders/convertibles competing together. Hmmm, maybe only allow roller skates in U13, and not in X...or require the top to be up in X?

                    Lots of those cars are on our short list , but don't get to attached to the VW or 356...

                    I'm hoping to have rules up by the end of the weekend, but I have to stop here tonight for their grand opening party, such a burden...

           (Hopefully this link is html'd properly, the auto tool doesn't work well on macs or iPads for me)

                    They even have some 1300 cc Lancias, I should leave the wallet at home!

                    Somebody has to attend these events,

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                      I await the release of the rules with great anticipation

                      don't get to attached to the VW or 356...
                      No problem - of the myriad cars that have come and gone from my driveway over the years, my 67 beetle was the only one I wasn't at all sorry to see roll away. As for the Pooches, I've always sort of felt that the Sprite proxy represented the small and CHEAP racing contingent. While I admire their technical finesse and the fact that the little Porches punched way over their weight displacement wise, they demanded the requisite large input of cubic bucks to go that fast. I've always felt more aligned with the Spridget/Spitfire/Mini crowd.

                      re small Lancias - yes notice a couple of Fulvias on their list. Please have a drool for me. I built one for the Pony Wars U2 Proxy a couple of years ago:

                      - even podiumed one or two rounds I think. Hey, I might still have the mold for that body - any chance it'll make the list.

                      Enjoy the party. cheers
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                          I am ready waiting for the rules:


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                            Hi all.

                            Luv the pics. Great looking cars. The dimensions shown Vtecfour look very similar but picking up on Phil's comment what is the distance from the ear axle to the guide pivot please.

                            Interesting that all cars are well below 2" or say 50.8mm.


                            Chas Le Breton


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                              What about a Lancia Fulvia? Some had 1300cc and some had 1600's.