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2015 U13 Challenge - Rules & Regulations

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  • 2015 U13 Challenge - Rules & Regulations

    U13 Challenge – 2015

    Rules & Regulations

    General Rules


    1. The body must be injection molded plastic or resin compliant with dimensions referenced in each class. No vacuformed bodies allowed. No chopping or sectioning of the body to lengthen, widen or shorten it except as allowed in other U13 regulations. Aesthetic modifications in keeping with prototype practice that do not alter dimensions are allowed.
    2. Body must be modeled on a homologated production car with an engine displacement limited to 1300 cc (1.3 liters) built no earlier than 1950 and no later than 1974. Open wheel and prototype racing cars are not eligible.
    3. Car must have a 1/32 scale driver that includes head, shoulders, arms and steering wheel.
    4. Cockpit or interior must cover the chassis/motor so it is not visible inside.
    5. Front and rear windscreens are required in coupes and saloons. Body details must be retained (grille, lights, etc.)

    6. Front air dams or rear deck spoilers may be added, as long as the maximum length isn't exceeded.
    7. Roll bars or cages are required.
    8. Car must be painted and show clearly the car number in three locations: one on each side and one on the front "bonnet" or rear “deck”. U or UX classification lettering encouraged on each side of car.

    Chassis & drivetrain

    1. Wheel outer diameter must be .475"/12mm diameter or less.
    2. Car must use rubber or urethane tires, not silicone.
    3. Wheels must have inserts.
    4. Car limited to one standard guide flag. Must not be visible when looking down from above.
    5. Car cannot have any magnet other than magnets integral to motor.
    6. Chassis may be any material or construction.
    7. Chassis must not be visible outside the car as viewed from directly above the car.
    8. Wheel and tire must not extend beyond widest portion of body directly above each wheel.

    U Class Rules in addition to General Rules

    1. Body width must be no more than 1.93"/49mm at widest point (not including mirrors).
    2. Wheelbase must be no more than 2.68"/68 mm axle centerline to centerline.
    3. Body length must be no more than 4.4"/112 mm except for wing, spoiler or exhaust.

    4. Tire width limited to .25"/6.35mm maximum.
    5. Maximum tire diameter is .734"/18.65mm.
    6. Motors are limited to:

    S can:
    - Ninco NC1, NC8
    - BWA NC1 (old and new 2012 version)
    - Cartrix TX-1, Pink Kar Power Plus 1
    - Artin white endbell 13K rpms

    Slim can, FF050 or FF030:
    - BWA FF050 slim can (old and new 2012 version)
    - Dr Vanski FF050
    - M/T FF050 SL1
    - Solarbotics FF030
    - SCX 1/43 FF030

    Ux Class Rules in addition to General Rules

    1. Body limited to maximum allowable width of 2.15"/54.6mm.
    2. Wheelbase must be no more than 2.835"/72 mm.
    3. Body length must be no more than 4.7"/120mm except for wing, spoiler or exhaust.

    4. Additional body modifications to be limited to flared wheel wells or extended fenders and connecting rocker panels. Wheel opening diameter and wheelbase should remain stock.
    5. Motor is unlimited and must not be visible outside the car.
    6. Maximum tire diameter is .734"/18.65mm. While .475"/12mm diameter wheel compliance is encouraged, wheel diameter is unlimited, as long as maximum tire diameter is in compliance.

    Race Organization

    1. All races must be run on routed wood tracks. Note: A painted plastic track may be considered by organizers.
    2. All races must be run at 10 volts.
    3. If the cars are run on multi-lane tracks in competition, all cars must do a heat with each driver and on all lanes. Example: driver A runs all cars in turn on lane #1. If races are run on single-lane tracks or by one driver, the same driver must run all cars in turn on the lane or lanes used.
    4. All cars must be raced for an equivalent distance covered in a minimum of 9 minutes of racing ( at least three, three-minute heats per car).
    5. Race track venues (pending):

    - Bob M’s Cornerstone (Massachusetts, USA)
    - Bob B’s Vernon L (Connecticut, USA)
    - Jeremy’s Hazard (Connecticut, USA)
    - Glenn's Snipsic - (Connecticut, USA)
    - Art’s Ring (Ontario, Canada)
    - Drew’s Spa-Lyons (Ontario, Canada)
    - Dan’s Apartment 1 (BC, Canada)
    - Luf's Targa Burnaby (BC, Canada)
    - Luf's Burnaby Hillclimb (BC, Canada)
    - Don’s Attic (BC, Canada)
    - Perry’s Canyon (BC, Canada)
    - Doug’s Laguna Douga (BC, Canada)


    1. All cars must be postmarked by January 3, 2015 for delivery by January 22, 2015.
    2. Cars are to be mailed to Bob Methe (mether05) in South Grafton, Massachusetts, USA.
    3. Entry fee for US and Canadian entrants to be $25 (USD) per car to be paid via PayPal to VTECFOUR. Enter a car in each category and pay a total of only $35 (USD) for the pair. Entrants outside of US or Canada should add $5 (USD) per car for additional shipping costs.
    4. Registration payments due in by November 29, 2014.
    5. Limit of one car in each category per entrant.
    6. Limit of 12 cars per category. May be increased at discretion of Organizers.
    7. Cars will be scrutineered for compliance with U13 Challenge rules. Deviations may be corrected or, if not, cars may be penalized in standings or deemed unfit to race.
    8. Entrants to provide description of components used for reference.

    Scoring and Prizes

    1. Scoring: TBD from examples presented.
    2. Awarded for best overall performance. Competitors will select from prize list in descending order of finish from first place. Additional prizes awarded at organizers discretion.

    Damage and Repairs

    1. Cars damaged in transit or racing may be repaired by host or returned to owner at owner's discretion. If replacement parts are required, owner is expected to reimburse host for cost of part (only).
    2. Organizers assume no liability for damage to or loss of cars during shipping, handling, racing or any other activity.

    End of Competition

    1. Cars and earned prizes (if any) will be mailed back to their submitting owners at the completion of the competition.
    2. Withdrawn cars will be mailed back to their submitting owners on request before the end of competition.

    * 2015 rule modifications shown in red.

    Get ready for the U13 Challenge! <banana.gif>
    Last edited by VTECFOUR; 07-02-2014, 03:20 PM. Reason: eligible U class motors clarified, imperial/metric measurements added, track order re-organized

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    Hi JT,

    Ok, I'll go first.

    Further to Body rule 7: if a car has a roof, is a roll bar still required?

    Is there a max tire dia for the U class? (I understand the max wheel dia is .475").

    And how are numbers assigned? I need numbers for a car in each class.


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      That was quick, can you help me negotiate my next contract?

      Okay, first question re: rollbar in sedans. I suggest yes, include a rollbar because you want to make an impressively realistic car and most post mid-60s cars have rollbars. However, if you want to provide a contemporary photo of your car entrant in racing guise, WITHOUT a rollbar, then we'll accept that as a reason your car doesn't have one. For instance:

      Note: This Lotus Cortina is probably too big for U13 - its just an example photo of a pre roll-bar era.

      Second question, tire diameter will be the same as UX, which is .734. This is the same diameter as the plastic tires in an Airfix Sprite kit.

      Numbers will be assigned in the Registration thread which we haven't posted yet! Numbers will likely be granted in order of registration request, unless you were a 2014 Sprite entrant and you'll be able to use your Sprite or Sprite number in 2015.

      Thanks TF!

      Last edited by JT Previa; 06-29-2014, 06:04 PM.


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        Hi JT.

        Rules look brilliant and very clear at first glance.

        Would have preferred a rear axle to guide post limit but can live with what you have out-lined.

        Hopefully in spirit of classes we will have a good range of cars.

        On roll-cage issue in my opinion if cars were commonly fitted with roll-cage/bars at stage car raced (this could vary depending on era of car - 1950 to 1974) cars should be fitted with roll-cage/bar whether sports cars or saloon.

        I did wonder however why SRP and SCP motors are barred when you still allow BWA NC1 and Dr. Vanski. Not sure what SCP motor is.


        Chas Le Breton


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          Hi JT.

          Yes Cortina far too big. As I have said the smaller Escort also too big. Agree entirely with what you say about roll-cage/bars - our posts crossed.

          Can I have same numberI had for 2014 please.


          Chas Le Breton


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            Is the race order and first postal address correct? I though we were starting at your end and ending here.


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              Ok, I broke out the calipers and the AutoArt Fulvia measures:

              Length: 4.78"
              Width: 1.90"
              Wheelbase: 71.9mm

              Is it in or out?



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                Hi Reek455.

                Certainly closer to UX13 than I thought but certainly well outside U13 I think. Out of interest what is the distance from rear axle to guide pivot point.

                See Team Slot at least also make Lancia Fulvia slot car.


                Chas Le Breton


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                  Originally posted by charlesx View Post
                  Certainly closer to UX13 than I thought but certainly well outside U13 I think. Out of interest what is the distance from rear axle to guide pivot point.
                  Appx 3.06"


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                    "1. Wheel outer diameter must be .475 diameter or less."
                    Shouldn't it read "or more"?

                    -I missed it or minimum ground clearence is not specified?


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                      Hi Alexis.

                      Pretty certain 0.475" or smaller (about 12mm actual size). Wheels are supposed to be scale 13" or smaller. Earlier Mini's had 10" but later ones 13" I believe.

                      Unless I have missed something there is no ground clearance rule for 2015. There was none last year because I asked the same question myself. I asked about 1mm and was told that would be about right. It certainly caused no problems but you may be able to go lower. Your choice and risk.


                      Chas Le Breton


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                        Wheel is the total dia rim+tire or just the rim?


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                          Further to Chas's reply above, the Lotus Elite had 15" wire wheels (mostly). The above rules for the UX class allow for a slightly larger wheel dia, but it may be a problem meeting the .734" tire dia.


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                            .475 is the wheel diameter, .734 is the outside diameter of the tire. These are maximum sizes. They can be smaller. In SPR, the fastest cars tended to also have the smallest wheel/tire combo sizes. The wheel diameter appears to be flexible, the maximum outside tire diameter is not, if i read the rules correctly. Don, does the Elan fit the overall length rule?
                            Last edited by retro racer 44; 06-30-2014, 08:35 AM.


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                              Retro, do you mean the Elite?

                              Yes, the Elite does fit, except for outer tire dia. The Elan I'm not so sure about.