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  • U13 Body Dimension Examples

    This chart includes reference dimensions for some of the most typical bodies eligible for the U13 proxy.

    The chart IS NOT intended to list all the cars eligible for the series, but a survey that helped us select the limiting dimensions. We have tried to balance performance by keeping cars sizes similar in each class, balancing length, width and wheelbase to provide close racing.

    The yellow highlighted dimensions in UX indicate the dimension that bumped the car into that category.

    The red highlights in the "too large" category indicate the dimension that disqualified the car.

    Now, VTEC and I will sit back and let the posts roll in agreeing with all our decisions and wondering how anyone could question our wisdom!


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    Ok, I broke out the calipers and the AutoArt Fulvia measures:

    Length: 4.78"
    Width: 1.90"
    Wheelbase : 71.9mm

    Is it in or out?



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      Length is too long by 0.08" Are there bumpers or spotlights that could be removed to gain that difference?


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        Originally posted by retro racer 44 View Post
        Length is too long by 0.08" Are there bumpers or spotlights that could be removed to gain that difference?
        Nope, no bumpers.


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          OK, time for some what ifs.
          Is this list meant to indicate what class the listed cars WILL compete in or is it just an example with some sample sizes and actual classification will be dictated by the size of the specific model entered and the go/no go box for each class?

          Lets take the Spitfire as an example (seeing as I have one sitting in the garage to take measurements form), but the question can be applied for any car. In the table, the car length is given as 145", yielding 4.53" in 1/32 scale and putting it in UX class. I assume that measurement came from a spec sheet and includes the bumpers? As there are many spits racing without bumpers, I assume these can be removed? The bumper add about 5 inches, which would bring the theoretical length under 140" 1:1 and under 4.4 inches 1/32, so is the bumperless Spit now eligible for U class?

          Now, just to complicate matters, when I go and do the actual measurements on my Spit (a Mk III), it turns out to be just a fraction under 142" without its bumpers giving 4.44 at 1/32. What Class? I see the similarly slightly oversize MG1100 is in U so are we rounding to the nearest tenth?

          And of course, the actual models are rarely exactly 1/32; will this affect what goes where in classification?

          Awaiting clarification I'm OK either way - assuming I can find a Spit model, if it's in U it will be a near stock entry, if its UX, then it'll be a slammed, snowplowed, skirted and flared beast.

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            I just took a quick look at the Honda S600.

            Measuring through the plastic inner wrapper. (Keeping it mint in case I decide not to use it)

            1.77" wide
            2.48" WB
            3.98" OAL

            all give or take a few thou.

            The car has plenty of room to spare in all directions for U class. I was going to go with a tin can just for fun, but the racy profile of the topless body may win me over. (Plus, I hate the idea of trying to keep a glued on roof in place through a whole proxy series. I have a feeling every host would have to reattach it.) I was thinking of getting a Suburu 360, but that has already been posted. The Honda Z should be well within the limits if the model is close to scale, and those were pretty racy. For a more "Outside the box" entry, the Mazda Carol and Suzuki Fronte should also both measure within the limits, and would give very different looks going around the track. All seem to be reasonably available from Asian sellers.

            I am really liking the S600, but I am already wondering where I can shove the motor. This thing is tiny, even for 1/32 scale. The tires are really little, which has me wondering a few things, like "Where am I gonna find a gear that will be a smaller diameter than the tire???" It looks like the running gear may come out of a 1/43 scale car.

            Cathie just made the decision for me. She saw me holding it up to the 1/32 Volkswagen Beetle kit, and she decided it was "Too cute not to do." She think it looks like a '60s version of the Smart Car that James Bond would drive.

            I'll start figuring how to stuff a chassis under that thing right away.


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              Dmanley - glad to hear you are reaching out to the unusual with the Honda! (for a moment I thought you were going to do the VW!) The s600 is about the same size as a Sprite, so you shouldn't have too much trouble making the gearing work. Check out the SPR builds and resource page for tips. I've used Slot It crowns with Ranch Design wheels without any trouble. Let's us know how you are doing!



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                In 1954 and '55, Zora Arkus Duntov drove Porsche 550/550A's to production class victory, equipped with 1100cc variant motors.
                The '54 car is available from Revellogram, and the dimensions are all compliant with the Ux class rules.

                So, this would be a suitable playmate for the Sprites, I'm thinking.



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                  There is an excellent article about this car here-


                  Hey, it's even for sale. Only a million Euros.

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                    Under SCI 'vintage and scratchbuilding'....some of the bodies that would work.


                    Do you think that we could get a list of resources for specific bodies/cars? I am a little uncertain...some are SCX, some are resin castings....



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                      When comparing the Duntov 550 to the Revell 550, the latter is a later model (Sorry) As such, it has taller rear fenders with vertical taillights. To correctly model the Duntov 550, the tops of the rear fenders would have to be shaved down and round taillights added. I have a ShotgunDave resin body that is a little thick in this area that would work perfectly.


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                        Do you think that we could get a list of resources for specific bodies/cars?

                        Step right up, we have a golden opportunity for someone to do some spreadsheetin' and consolidatin' of information. No experience required, except for time!

                        Haystack thanks for the 550 tip and Retro for a cool story. I new ZA Duntov as a Corvette impresario, but didn't know his origins - an impressive self-made man.



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                          JT, is it possible for the chart you published (U13 Dimensional Regulations 3) be an 'active' document?
                          So that anyone could add to the 'note' section to post manufacturer or vendor?

                          I have used the 'attachments' process in this post to add a test spreadsheet. If anyone wants they can see if you can open it up, edit it, and repost.

                          We could be breaking new ground here!


                          PS.....I tested this and even when I wasn't logged in I could open the document and edit it. So maybe next week I could start a Spreadsheet with the bodies that are being approved!
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                            To correctly model the Duntov 550, the tops of the rear fenders would have to be shaved down and round taillights added.
                            The Ninco 550 fits the UX class dimensions and has round tailights.


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                              When I went back and looked at the resin body I have from ShotgunDave, it is the round taillights smooth fender model. I assume that means it is also available in either slot car or static model form.

                              So JT, can we assume the Duntov 550 is in?

                              added-I wrote this before I saw Munter's post before it.
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