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  • Took the calipers to TF1250's stock Scalextric Lotus 7 and it measured:

    Length - 107mm
    Width - 53.6mm
    Wheelbase - 75.6mm

    Fits the length and width Ux guideline but is just too long on wheelbase.

    Length - 120mm
    Width - 54.6mm
    Wheelbase - 72mm

    If you're so inclined the stock Scalextric Seven front axle could be re-positioned to shorten the wheelbase.



    • Hi Dan,

      A very quick search of the net shows the wheelbase for a Lotus 7 to be 88 inches, which I believe translates to just under 70 mm in the 1/32 world.

      Also Lotus 7's were offered as kits, sans motor, so any motor could be used.


      • Lotus 7

        If I can find one in the next couple of days I'll give it a try. What I'll probably do is find one, lay it out against a true scale template and make the changes to the body as necessary. I just always thought they were such a cool car 1:1. And of course, the first ones were equipped with a Ford Motor!

        The Spitfire body is in the works. Cutting off the marker lights , and fabricating a tonneau cover from paper towels and wood glue.

        Don M


        • Lotus 7 build.

          I received my Lotus in the mail today. Odd that the manufacturer (Hornby/Scalextric) would make the body dimensions virtually spot on and make the wheelbase fractionally too long. Somebody's slide-rule must of slipped way back in the day!

          And the driver is out of scale as well, it lloks like a 12 year old behind the wheel!

          So the plan is to cut the bottom of the body/chassis off and make a custom chassis with the correct wheelbase for the UX class. It is a cool looking car in scale, I wish I had a 1:1 scale car to match.

          Don M