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2015 U13 Challenge - Registration - cars sent by Jan. 3/15 for arrival by Jan. 22/15

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  • 2015 U13 Challenge - Registration - cars sent by Jan. 3/15 for arrival by Jan. 22/15

    Welcome to the 2015 U13 Challenge Proxy Race registration page.

    Registration: Two openings in U class. One in modified Ux class.

    If you've reviewed the 2015 Rules & Regulations thread and would like to enter, this is the pace to sign up. We'd like to know what category you'd like to enter and a preferred car number (s). Entrants registering for both classes will be required to request a separate number for each car this year.

    We are reserving spots for a few days in the SPR for SCI members who entered last year and have expressed interest to join in again. If I am tracking this correctly, we have the following likely participants in reserved spots:

    (as of Dec. 4, 2014)

    U class (stock):

    1 > MRollingthunder #13 ....Spitfire
    2 > Jeremy5 #5
    3 > Retro Racer #45 .....Alfa Guiletta
    4 > Alexis in Greece #23 .....Fiat 850 coupe?
    5 > Spanish Fly #__ .....
    6 > JT #2. .....Try a Trabant?
    7 > BRAIN #36 ......Toyota S800
    8 > Bob Methe #15 .....Toyota S800

    9 > Pete Shepherd #__ .....

    10 > Aloha #__ .....

    11 > Doubl-B #7 .....Trabant

    12 > Black3sr #72 .....Sprite

    13 > MNewns #33 .....

    14 > JRLang40 #95 .....Fiat 850 Coupe

    Ux class (modified):

    1 > MRollingthunder #31 .....Lotus 7
    2 > NTZ #5..... Honda N360
    3 > RetroRacer #44 ..... Alfa Guiletta
    4 > Alexis in Greece #4 .....Fiat 850 spider GR5
    5 > TF1250 #79 .....Lotus Elite
    6 > BRAIN #63 ......
    7 > BrumosRSR #33 .....
    8 > VTECFOUR #8 .....Austin Mini
    9 > JT #22 .....Triumph Herald
    10 > Pete Shepherd #__ .....
    11 > Haystack #47 .....
    12 > Aloha #__ .....Mini maybe
    13 > Doubl-B #11 .....Trabant
    14 > Black3sr #27 .....Sprite

    15 > MNewns #13 .....

    Special reserved numbers: #1

    Note: > symbol before your name means you have reserved your spot!

    Please join us. We are planning for about 12 cars in each category, but if the love of small 1.3 cars is strong, we may bump up that quota to 16!

    Registration payments due in by November 29, 2014. $25 per car, or $35 for one car in SPX and one in HP, $5 additional per car if entering from outside of US or Canada.

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    Hi JT and VTECFOUR.

    I confirm both my entries again and happy to use same numbers but reserve right to change at later date if alternative still available. No idea what I will race but at expect one of my Sprites will reappear.

    Bring it on.


    Chas Le Breton


    • #3
      I would like to join both classes. I will take whatever numbers are left over, after the returning participants are registered. One of the cars will probably be a S600 (Whichever class it measures out to.) I am ordering a 360 as we speak, but I may find another legal car instead for HP.



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        I'm in for the both classes, with the same numbers please. Like Chas, one of my cars will likely be a re-bodied one of my SPR Sprites. The other probably a Mini or Abarth.

        Should the registration classes above be U13 and U13X?

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          Please put me down for both classes most possibly U13 Fiat 850 coupe,U13X Fiat 850 spider GR5


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            Please put me down for both classes, and I'll need a number.

            Not sure what cars I'll build, but most likely a Lotus Elite for the U13X class.


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              JT.....I would like to also enter the HP class for this next series. For the HP #36. #63 for SPX.



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                #33 for the Ux class please. Not sure on the car yet, will there be a list of possible entries?
                Last edited by Brumos RSR; 06-30-2014, 09:13 PM.


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                  Thanks for stopping by everyone! Great to see new faces Dmanley and Brumos, and returning friends Brain, TF1250, Alexis and Retro!

                  Brumos, our dimensional page offers some suggestions, and folks will be posting more ideas I'm sure. The ARII body range offers some funky, small cars, as does George Turner Models. Make sure to confirm dimensional compliance before buying! Our suggestions are the more unusual the better!



                  • #10
                    I'm in! When do the cars arrive? Are they here yet?

                    #15 HP class, BobM <><
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                      Very interesting...

                      May I have #0 for a U13-class car?



                      • #12
                        Obviously count me in too! Maybe a car in each class if there's room? Happy to wait and see though, wouldn't want to take anyone else's place.




                        • #13
                          I will nominate for the Ux class; #47, thanks.



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                            Gentleman, congratulations you are now registered! We've got 11 entrants in each category so far, with some familiar faces and new competitors. Please let me know if I've entered you in the wrong category with the wrong flag or misspelled your name.

                            Brumos, I've pegged you as a Yank, due to your use of Peter Perfect's dealership (what, not using #59?)!

                            Dmanley, I'm guessing you're also from the USofA, and have flagged you appropriately.

                            How'd I do?



                            • #15
                              I'm going the double this year, no. 8 for both, so that makes 12 in U and 11 in Ux so far.