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2015 U13 Challenge - Scoring

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  • 2015 U13 Challenge - Scoring

    This will be the place where I post the spreadsheet with the cumulative U13 Proxy points.

    We will be doing this proxy scoring a little differently.

    After each race, the winner will get 1 point, 2nd - 2points etc. If there is a tie, say, for second, each will get two points, and the next car will be fourth and get 4 points, and so on. Any DNF will be scored in the last position, any DNS after that.

    As the totals are added, the spreadsheet will be ranked in ascending order, and the car with the lowest total score will be the overall leader in the championship. (Like a golf leaderboard.)

    If, for example, we had 12 races, the minimum possible winning total would be 12 points. (but that wouldn't be much fun, would it?)

    The time is now! The first class has been run at Cornerstone, and the numbers are in. Remember this is just the leaderboard. For particulars like qualifying, lap count and fastest lap, etc, you need to view the posts from that particular race. Also, if you notice that I have made an error, please let me know and I will check and correct it. This spreadsheet will change as races are added.

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    Thanks for setting this up! Only 6 months to go...

    With this golf scoring, can racers take a mulligan at any time? Is there a Ladies Start line?



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      More importantly, when my car lands out of bounds, does the marshal have to hold it at arm's length and drop it?


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        Don't worry, we'll only do that if your car is a Titleist Pro V1, and I don't see them on the recommended car list.


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          The new leaderboard is up in post #1.

          With two wins in a row, #45 has moved into third in U class.

          With two podiums in a row, #8 moved into a tie for third in UX.

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            U 13 Challenge - Round 7 Update

            The leaderboard in post #1 has been updated.

            In U class the only change was #177 moving ahead of #2.

            In UX the only change was #44 moving ahead of #31.

            The podium spots seem to be locked, but there is a lot more racing to go yet.


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              The Penultimate Race

              With one round remaining the leaderboard now shows the results of the today's, err yesterday's round.

              In U class, the red #45 continues its march to the top, moving into second with #15 dropping a position. Alas, unless something catastrophic happens, 45 will run out of time.

              In UX there were some shuffles. The #63 gained a position over #72, and #31 gained over #5.

              We're coming down to the wire. This has been fun, eh?


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                Final Standings???

                The final round of the U13 Proxy has been completed. The leaderboard has been updated and the winners are about to be announced.

                Oh-oh! We have a problem. In U class, after eleven events, we have a tie for first between the #36 and #45. Not only that, but each car had exactly the same record of firsts, seconds and thirds. Even more amazing is that they have the exact same scores for the races where they did not reach the podium. I will leave it to the Grand Poobahs of this proxy to decide the outcome on this one. Will they declare co-champions, or hold a run-off.

                The #15 Trabant was not very far behind in .

                Meanwhile, back at the track, in U class, the #177 Mini managed to pull up one position on the #5 Mini.

                In the UX class, the usual suspects continued their winning ways with the #79 Lotus Elite a clear winner , the #11 Trabant and the #8 Mini

                Also the #33 Imp moved up one position with another good run, as the #5 Honda moved back one.



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                  Amazing result. Last year tie was with SPX (UX13 equivilant).

                  Well done to all. I enjoyed watching all the way through and am keen to enter next year.

                  Has to be the most timely proxy around and one of the most colourful.

                  Regards Chas Le Breton


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                    May we have co champions?
                    Or the other deciding factor could be overall distance travelled factoring out the timed race where you could award the fastest of the two cars a bonus...Ahn you know what it is too complicated...I like co champions!


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                      I'm fine with that, or Dan could run a shoot-out on his Apartment Track to determine the winner. Either way is simple and good for me. I don't think the stats were kept for all the race distances etc. and like you said, too complicated.


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                        Could it Be More Equal?

                        As we await the decision of Dan and JT, here are the stats.

                        Both the #45 and the #36 had the following cumulative results:

                        3 firsts
                        3 seconds
                        1 third
                        2 fourths
                        1 fifth
                        1 seventh

                        What are the odds of such a result. I think I will go out and buy a Lotto ticket, and recommend Brian do the same, eh?



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                          ah...well I like the idea of the first place tie. It would be an honor to share the trophy and cash with Keith (Retroracer44).

                          What no trophy or cash? .....Co-Champions is good enough!

                          Anyways great fun, some good drama with four different cars pulling off a 1st place finish on a track.



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                            Okay Brain and Retro, get ready to....

                            TIE ONE ON!

                            Dan and I concur that to declare a single winner based on some quaternary, quinary, senary, septenary, octonary, nonary, or denary comparison of performance would not be fair to the close racing in this category, so we have an official TIE for first in U

                            Congrats to DoublB's Trabant, which made a close third, impressing in the early races!

                            In UX, I'm glad to see a car whose elegant craftsmanship matched it's performance take the top honors, Don's finely crafted #79 Lotus Eclipse/Elipse or something like that Kudos to DoublB again hit the podium and I'm happy to see my co-organizer enjoy the limelight: VTEC's rugged Mini filled out the top three.

                            All participants are winners in a series that saw:

                            - A menagerie of magnificent, miscellaneous, mini motorcars,
                            - Nearly all cars scratchbuilt from hard to find parts,
                            - A variety of cars top the results at various tracks,
                            - Fantastic, scenicked tracks,
                            - Well photographed and prompt results,
                            - Friendly, supportive racing environment

                            Thanks also to Retro for his prompt and detailed results posting and analysis throughout the series!

                            (can somebody, ahem, check his numbers regarding the alleged tie...he might have a slight confict of interest .) All in good fun!

                            We have already thanked each track host, hub host and drivers, but we'll do it again: NICE JOB! From Methe receiving the first round and recording statistics, to DoublB for moving the cars to CT, hub mastering and shipping them to the great white North, Art of DArt for doing the same in Toronto and then VTEC and Retro and Luf and various Canadian's in BC!

                            Our generous sponsors SCI, Dart and PG tires make the forum and parts that make this series possible.

                            Final thanks to my cool-headed, unflappable, hard working co-organizer (who soldiered on while I dropped off the map last fall) Dan/VTEC!

                            Folks are already talking about next year, a fine endorsement indeed!



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                              Thank You and an Invitation

                              I would like to thank Dan and JT for all their efforts in running the U13 proxy and also the two rounds of Sprite proxy before it. I too hope this proxy will continue and will definitely plan to enter next year. It has been great to get to know all of the competitors from around the world and race against you with our cars.

                              Before you all drift off to other interests, I would like to make a formal invitation to all participants in the U13 Challenge. The GVSCC is hosting a proxy this fall that will be much like this proxy. I plan to enter my winning Alfa Romeo in the Targa Florio Proxy, and I invite all of you to join us. Some of you have already, and thank you.

                              The rules and info for our proxy can be found here;


                              Email or PM me to join the fun,