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    We'll I got my Imp from George Turner. Holy smokes it's small my wife said. ( it's the first time in my life theses words were uttered from her). Look like tons of sanding of tires and more sanding to get the guide blade to just right so the tires touch when turning. And at 60 grams with the motor and glass even with weight this thing maybe over motored with my Carrera E200 even at 10 volts. All ideas are welcome for both motor and tires for the UX class

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    Motor:Slot'it Flat 6
    Tires:Scalextric F1 fronts mounted on Penelope Pitlane rims


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      Holy smokes it's small my wife said. ( it's the first time in my life theses words were uttered from her).
      You weren't going to take any chances there were you!? We had no doubts, insecure men don't enter small car proxy races!

      As to motors, we like driveability over power in proxy races. The MT SL-2 seems like a good choice if you are not weighting the car down like a lead sled.

      As to wheels / tires, Methe just got some of SCC's new 14 mm wheels that seem pretty good.



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        The M/T SL-2 is good, and flare it to the max. A Scaley slim can would work also. BWA still has 13" wheels in three different widths and a British company makes the same wheels as BWA. Electric Dreams sell them, and Paul Gage makes tires for them in either regular or low profile versions. The CB Design 14" wheels would be good if you use low profile tires to get down to the proxy limit.
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          What rear tire wheel/tire combo?


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            My SPX Sprite ran BWA 13 x 300 wheels front and rear with matching Dart tires. I had to Razor them down to get within the size limit. I have BWA x 200 with Paul Gage tires for my U13 entry this year. I also have CBD 14s that may work on UX.


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              Thanks guys I will be picking out wheels and tires this weekend

              Received tires and found some wheels in a bin after ordering new 14x8 wheels. Tires come in under the limit and it's truing time. Inserts are not mounted gold might be over the top for contrast. Motor and gearing next then interior and trim.
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