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    Just found some newly available 1/32 Mini resin bodies. They're from Bruce Kinder, a seasoned resin maker of 1/24 resin model items. This is his first foray into 1/32 after some nudging from a slot car friend.

    GT5 saloon

    Pick up

    No problem for either body meeting the U or Ux class body dimensions.

    For more info, contact Bruce directly at [email protected]

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    Ranch Design adjustable wheelbase chassis and wheels

    On the chassis and wheel front, Steve at Ranch Design is ramping up production of his 1/43 items which are adaptable for our small 1/32 builds.

    I've built his inline chassis with a slight mod to accept FF050 motors for my SCX Fiat 850 coupe body and he's been making me custom scale 13" rims to accept .375 inserts (ask for the Dan P Cortini file ones with the rim lip) for quite awhile.

    I use his wheels on all my small car builds.

    For more info, contact Steve at [email protected]

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      Dart Hobbies

      Of course, we cannot forget Dart Hobbies for motors, wheels, tires and modeling items.

      Check out the website and contact Art directly at [email protected]



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        Penelope Pitlane

        If you want to venture further, Penelope Pitlane in the UK have adjustable wheelbase chassis, small wheels and inserts available.

        Check them out at



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          Those are great looking Mini casting from Bruce. They look to be very well detailed and even walled. How do his prices compare to other Mini bodies out there? I assume either of the two would be UX class because of the flares.


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            Triumph Spitfire.

            Looks like i'n in! I'm excited to be part of the series. so I just dusted off an old mold and made a couple of Spitfire bodies!

            A quick question...would a lotus 7 be legal? And if so, does anyone make a body?

            Don M


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              Welcome Don,

              The Scalextric Lotus/Caterham 7 is probably too long and I`m not aware of any resin bodies.

              You can check the spreadsheet in post 93 of Body Dimensions Examples to see how various available bodies fare.


              Your Triumph Spitfire which I believe is based on the Aurora kit (length - 108.3mm, width - 46.3mm, wheelbase - 64.1mm) fits U and Ux classes.

              U: length - 112mm, width - 49mm, wheelbase - 68mm

              Ux: length - 120mm, width - 54.6mm, wheelbase - 72mm

              Looking forward to seeing at least one Spitfire.



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                Time to put in a parts order

                Thanks Dan

                A Spitfire it will be! (at least one)

                With that in mind, a couple of questions.

                Assuming BWA is still the best choice for tires and wheels, what size and width do you recommend? The 13" scale would be period correct for the Spitfire.... so should I order the

                Narrow (.200")5.05mm wide with a boss extending another .070" (1.75mm) at centreBW13-200-093-375
                13" Narrow Wheel for 3/32 (Small Insert)
                .200" wide (narrow) .093" (3/32") bore - for 3/32" drill blank axles
                Takes a .375" BWA Small insert
                Recommended Tire RM0201


                Wide (.380")9.6mm wide (boss does not extend beyond outside flanges)BW13-380-093-375
                13" Wide Wheel for 3/32 (Small Insert)
                .380" wide (wide) .093" (3/32") bore - for 3/32" drill blank axles
                Takes a .375" BWA Small insert
                Recommended Tire RM0203 or CX0202


                Medium (.300")7.6mm wide (boss does not extend beyond outside flanges) BW13-300-093-375
                13" Medium Wheel for 3/32 (Small Insert)
                .300" wide (medium) .093" (3/32") bore - for 3/32" drill blank axles
                Takes a .375" BWA Small insert
                Recommended Tire RM0202 or CX0201

                And any idea what motor is the best choice for these tracks (in both classes) and a gear ratio package?

                Thanks, Any advice will be appreciated!


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                  In U class, the BWA narrow .200 13" wheel will help you meet the tire width limit of .25"/6.35mm maximum and wheel and tire diameter of .734"/18.65mm.

                  There`s no tire width limit in Ux class but the same max wheel and tire diameter.

                  Your motor choices in U class are:

                  S can:
                  - Ninco NC1, NC8
                  - BWA NC1 (old and new 2012 version)
                  - Cartrix TX-1, Pink Kar Power Plus 1
                  - Artin white endbell 13K rpms

                  Slim can, FF050 or FF030:
                  - BWA FF050 slim can (old and new 2012 version)
                  - Dr Vanski FF050
                  - M/T FF050 SL1
                  - Solarbotics FF030
                  - SCX 1/43 FF030

                  There is no motor limit in Ux modified.

                  This proxy is a carry over of the Sprite Proxy rules and running. The front runners in both classes used slim can FF050 motors, gear ratios from 2.4 - 2.5 in HP, 2.67 - 3.0 in SPx and metal chassis construction.

                  Have a look at the past Sprite Proxy cars for some build ideas.

                  HP class (stock)

                  Overall results: 1st - #7, 2nd - #17, 3rd - #15

                  SPx class (modified)

                  Overall results: 1st - #39, 1st - #9, 3rd - #63

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                    Excellent advice.

                    I have a bunch of the motors to chose from and I believe one or two of the recommended ones.

                    The gears are what always throw me. I did follow the Sprite series and I love some of the cars. I'm thinking light weight is the key.

                    Time to get building!

                    Don M


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                      Anyone have any experience using Jet Claws tires? They claim to be synthetic rubber and high grip. If so, do they make any to fit BWA wheels.


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                        hi Don

                        No experience with Jel Claws but as I have never seen them on any of the small car proxys (VRAA, CanAm GTU, Pony Wars U2, etc.) I would be a bit hesitant to be the first. I'd at least want to do a fairly thorough test against a known competitive tire such as a Paul Gage or Yellow Dog. Dart (where I assume you'll be ordering the BWA wheels) also supplies a good urethane tire - comparable to PG - the recommended tire size to match the wheels is listed on their site. For PG tires, look on his e-Bay store for "fits BWA 13" wheels" - you can also contact him directly an tell him what you need (what I usually do).



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                          The proxy tracks, the same used in the Sprite proxies, are wood with painted surfaces so it would be advised to use tires of urethane composition for competitive results.



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                            Thanks for the advice. I've used PG's tires in the past with good results, so I'll go ahead and order them. I found a set of 13" BWA wheels left over from another proxy, so I just need to clean them up and ad tires. I emailed Dart a week ago to order tires and wheels but didn't see a response. I should check my SPAM file...

                            Don M