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  • Before you ship your entry...

    Not that I'm Mr. Know it all or something, but there are some tips you should check for before you ship your entry:

    1. Do the front wheels spin freely? You want absolutely zero drag or resistance from the front wheels. They should spin very freely.

    1a. This applies to the rear too! Gear too tight against the pinion or wheels too tight so there is no smooth spin. I realize some of these motors have major torque, so the rears don't spin a bit.

    2. If you have float in your body/chassis, do the wheels hang up or rub when the body leans or floats? Push down on a corner of the body, do the wheels rub the underside when you do this? If they rub or grab, it will de-slot the car on a turn or transition.

    3. Make sure you glue and true your tires! Wheel hop will kill you with these narrow, top heavy cars!

    Just some helpful tips, I hope! good luck with your entries!