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U13 2015 - Round 11 - Don's Attic - the last race - Results are in!

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  • U13 2015 - Round 11 - Don's Attic - the last race - Results are in!

    Ran on our last venue this afternoon, Don's picturesque attic track.

    The cumulative three lane (measured in 14th's) results were:

    U class (11)

    1. 45 Alfa Guilietta, red - 71.428 laps
    2. 15 Honda 800, red - 71.07
    3. 177 Austin Mini, red - 71.0
    4. 36 Toyota S800, yellow - 68.714
    5. 72 Bugeye Sprite, blue - 67.286
    6. 7 Trabant , yellow - 66.143
    7. 5 Austin Mini, red - 64.428
    8. 2 Austin Mini, blue - 63.786
    9. 95 Fiat 850, white - 63.0
    10. 13 Triumph Spitfire, white - 62.571
    11. 23 Fiat Abarth, silver - 57.07

    Congratulations to the podiumites.

    - 45 Alfa Guilietta, red
    - 15 Honda 800, red
    - 177 Austin Mini, red

    And for Ux modified class, the results are:

    Ux class (12)

    1. 79 Lotus Elite, red - 75.0 laps
    2. 8 Austin Mini, green - 73.0
    3. 11 Trabant, black - 71.643
    4. 44 Alfa Guilietta, red - 69.714
    5. 33 Hillman Imp, silver - 69.643
    6. 63 Bugeye Sprite, graffitti - 69.143
    7. 31 Lotus 7, red - 66.929
    8. 162 NSU TT, yellow - 66.143
    9. 72 Bugeye Sprite, blue - 65.571
    10. 5 Honda 360, blue - 64.214
    11. 22 Austin Mini, yellow - 64.143
    12. 4 Fiat 850, red - 54.786

    Well done to:

    - 79 Lotus Elite, red
    - 8 Austin Mini, green
    - 11 Trabant, black

    And some last pics for the series.

    This driver's course with few straightaway blasts showed the top stock class cars weren't much far behind the more powerful modified cars. Smooth and driveable and not necessarily straight fast is good.

    The no. 63's guide tongue fix survived the running quite well so that kept the record of no DNFs intact. That's a testament of the hardy builds of these little cars. A few modeling details broke off but that's not unheard of.

    Thanks to our drivers, Luf (oldslotracer), Keith (RetroRacer44) and Don C, also our track host. Special thanks to Fran, Don's wife, for feeding us with her delicious chilli, vegetables and beverages.

    This concludes the running of the U13 Challenge proxy. Check the scoring thread for the final results and a wrap up topic.


  • MRollingthunder
    Thanks to all the hosts and competitors! It was a blast to participate!

    Don M

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  • Brumos RSR
    Thanks for the Ride guys

    This Proxy was great!!! Thanks to every one who made this a success. Thanks also for feedback on my car and mild work when needed. I look forward to the next 13u

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  • retro racer 44
    Aloha Dale:

    I have never seen a basically stock Mini run as well as your #177. It was putting out as much as possible from that car, and was not that far off the lead and well ahead of many scratch builds. I look forward to racing your car in the GVSCC Targa Proxy later this year.


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  • aloha
    May I just add my appreciation to the hosts, drivers and builders of some of the neatest "little" cars brought together to compete. The organizers and hosts did a great job of running these events in such a timely fashion. It was my second Proxy and definitely learned a lot. I know for sure that a stock car/chassis such as the little 177 cannot compete on the various tracks with the custom built chassis that have been so well thought out and constructed...little master pieces. Thank you for letting me participate with some true masters.
    I hope this returns next year.
    Thank you,
    177 and very slow 162

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  • Black3sr
    Great to see it run so promptly. Thanks everyone.

    Bill #72

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  • Doubl-B
    Yes, I agree with Mether05, cudos to all! This has been the speediest proxy ever! Maybe we should try to line up another 10 tracks or so to host - that would be a hoot!

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  • mether05
    Congratulations - EVERYONE! Well run, well built, beautiful cars! You are all a credit to this hobby! Thanks again to all the hosts, drivers, marshals and timers, for their time and efforts.

    This was the fastest paced proxy I've ever seen - great job!

    First race 31 JAN 2015 - last race 13 APR 2015 - what's that... 11 races, 2 countries, 73 days!!! Most excellent!!!
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