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VRAA 2016 - Official Results and Standings

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  • VRAA 2016 - Official Results and Standings

    For the record, here are the Official Results of Race 1 at Mesa Roja:

    And here are the Official Results of Race 2 at Pebblestone:

    Here are the Official VRAA 2016 Championship Standings after Round 2:


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    Here are the Official Results from Race 3 at Montana:

    And here are the Updated Standings in the VRAA 2016 Championship:



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      Here are the Official Race Results from Round 4 at Willow Park:

      And here are the updated Championship Standings at the half way point of the VRAA 2016 Season:

      We have now reached the halfway point of the VRAA 2016 season. As we are also in a bit of a lull with the New Yearís holiday and the cars in transit back across the border to Canada for the remaining four races, it seems an appropriate time to take a look at the season to date and the VRAA 2016 Championship Standings.

      In the GP1.5 Class, Slo1quickís #22 Brabham has stretched out a comfortable 40-point lead after winning the first three races and finishing second in the fourth. Behind him, the battle for runner-up honours is tight. After his round 4 win, Marekís #69 Porsche has drawn even with Chasís Cooper. Old23ís Lotus lurks 8 points behind this pair with Newsoís Brabham a further 8 points back. So, though the championship looks to be a lock for Stuís Brabham, thereís a good battle shaping up for the lower podium steps of the series ranking. The mid-field features a close 3-car battle between Philís Emeryson, RIRís BRM and Stubboís Brabham. In the trailing group, Andiís Lotus seems to have the legs to stay in front of the rest, though it seems unlikely he will catch up with the pack ahead.

      In the GP2.5 Class, with two wins in four races Old23ís Maserati has opened a gap of 26 points ahead of Alohaís BRM in 2nd. But Chrisís Lotus has shown improved form in recent races, including a win at Willow Park. Only 2 points behind Aloha, the reigning champion may well be a resurgent challenger for the 2016 title. Marekís #69 Maserati had a bad race at Willow Park but was competitive everywhere else. I expect to see the Polish Prince back in the fight for a Championship podium finish. Chasís Vanwall is 8 points further back but well clear of the mid-pack runners where Phil is battling hard to best his grandkids. Behind the Kalbfell family generational squabble, Ecurie Martini maintains a slim margin over Munterís Vanwall, Rosskoís Bugatti, Keithís Merc, Davidís Moss-Maserati and Dattoís Silver Arrow. Unfortunately, Fastwagonís #5 Maserati has been forced to return to home base for motor replacement and will miss the upcoming rounds.

      Happy New Year everybody!



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        Here are the Official Results for Race 5 at the Targa Burnaby:

        In the GP1.5 class, after the hiccup at Willow Park Stuís Brabham returned to its winning ways with another dominating run to finish a full lap ahead of Old23ís Lotus. Chasís Cooper had another fine run to edge Philís Emeryson for the final step on the podium. The midfield was very tight at the Targa with third through ninth positions finishing within a couple of laps of one another. The Brabhams of Stubbo and Newso battled each other closely (as usual) to end up fifth and sixth ahead of RIRís BRM in seventh place. After victory at Willow Park and podium finishes before that at Montana and Pebblestone, Marekís Porsche could only manage a disappointing eighth at the hilly Targa circuit. In contrast, Fastwagonís Honda had its best finish to date in ninth place. The GAS41T BT3, Andiís Lotus 21, Davidís BRM and Dattoís Ferrari completed the finishers.

        The GP2.5 race saw Chrisguywís Lotus 16 scamper to a second win in a row, again by a comfortable margin of three laps. Strange that the winners of both classes wore the #22, the GP2.5 Lotus just failing to match the lap count of the 1.5 litre Brabham but posting a quicker fastest race lap. The pretty yellow AMCC Ferrari scored a welcome return to the podium in second place ahead of two early season race winners. The Old23 Maserati #14 and Alohaís BRM crossed the line in a dead heat for third place! Philís Aston Martin, Rosskoís Bugatti and Martiniís 250F were hot in their tracks in fifth through seventh spots. Munterís Vanwall ran a lonely race to eighth place. Two laps back, the Maserati of Marek and David Mitcham crossed the line together in ninth ahead of Chasís Vanwall in an uncustomary eleventh. The two Mercedes of RetroRacer and Datto completed the finishers.

        And here are the updated VRAA 2016 Championship Standings:

        In the GP1.5 Championship race, Stuís Brabham continues to extend its lead. Now 52 points ahead of the closest challenger, itís hard to see how the green and gold #22 car can fail to take the title this year. Behind him, Old23ís Lotus #28 has moved ahead of Marekís Porsche to challenge Chasís Cooper for second place. Behind this group, there is a battle raging in the mid-field ranks with Newsoís Brabham, Philís Emeryson, Stubboís Brabham and RIRís BRM still covered by only 14 points, though in a slightly different order to after the previous round. Andiís Lotus still heads the final bunch, though they continue to slip further behind the mid-field with every round.

        The GP2.5 Championship story is a very different one. Only two rounds back, the #14 Maserati enjoyed a substantial 28 point lead. Now, thanks to two wins by the resurgent #22 Lotus, that gap has been slashed to only 16. With three races remaining, and Chrisís Lotus seeming to have rediscovered its championship form from last year, the battle is truly joined. Alohaís BRM is only 10 points back, so we can look forward to a three way fight for the title. The 250F of Marek, the Polish Prince, has slipped back into the mid-pack after a loss of form in recent races, though the #69 car still holds onto fourth place ahead of the improving AMCC Ferrari and Chasís slipping Vanwall. Philís Aston Martin is moving up to challenge for a top six ranking ahead of the Martini Maserati in eighth. The Bugatti of Rossko and Munterís Vanwall have swapped positions as ďbest of the restĒ.

        The VRAA transporters have started their long, cross-country trip from British Columbia to the suburbs of Toronto for the next round of the series at Artís ĎRing. Stay tuned for more action in the coming weeks as we enter the home stretch of the VRAA 2016 Championship.



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          For the record, here are the Official Race Results from Round 7 at Canfield Green:

          As I have stated elsewhere, I have not received any Race Results from Round 6 at the ĎRing in the almost eight weeks since that race was run. I will leave the door open for Art to post the full results, or send them to me by e-mail, until noon on Wednesday May 3rd. Failing that, Round 6 will be officially excluded from the VRAA 2016 Championship.

          In the absence of Round 6 Results, here are the updated VRAA 2016 Championship Standings after Round 7 at Canfield Green.

          With only the season finale at the world famous Cornwall Autodrome yet to be raced, the standings in both classes have shown some volatility, if not at the top of the charts then certainly behind the leaders.

          In GP1.5, Stuís dominant Brabham has pulled out an insurmountable 58 point lead and will be crowned VRAA 2016 GP1.5 Champion regardless of what happens in the final race. Chasís Cooper had been closely challenged for runner-up honours by Old23ís Lotus until the latterís disastrous result at Canfield Green dropped it out of contention for 2nd place and into a tie with Terryís Brabham for the final step on the Championship podium. Marekís Porsche had an even worse race at the Green and has fallen 10 points behind the 3rd place pair. However, the Autodrome is the Porscheís home circuit and a great result could yet propel it onto the podium. A very tight three-way battle for 6th position, with only 6 points covering Stubboís Brabham, the Emeryson of Phil and RIRís baby-blue BRM, promises excitement for race fans. Andiís Lotus and Rosskoís BT3 are still scrapping over 9th place, while Fastwagonís Honda has faded. Finally, the Ferrari of Datto and Davidís BRM, now tied, will attempt to settle which will finish in last place.

          In GP2.5, Old23ís Maserati has stretched its advantage to 22 points over Chrisís Lotus. A top six finish at the ĎDrome would seal the deal for the Centro Sud privateer, though only a foolish punter would think that the #22 Lotus is down and out. Alohaís racy BRM is only 8 points back and seems certain of attaining at least the third step on the podium. And, if either of the leading cars falters, the BRM could move up. Behind these three, the Championship is out of reach but there is still plenty to fight for. AMCCís Ferrari pulled ahead of Marekís Polish Prince Maserati after the latter suffered a tire issue that wasnít discovered until the car arrived at the Autodrome. Look for the #69 to be back near the front again for the final race. The Ecurie Martini Maser scored a surprise win at Canfield Green which moved it up to 7th, ahead of Philís Aston Martin. Similarly, the RetroRacer Mercedesí popular 2nd place finish last time out saw it leap two rungs into a tie for 9th in the Championship with the Rossko Bugatti. The Fastwagon Maserati will continue to anchor the charts due to its mid-season withdrawal but ahead of it, as in GP1.5, the entries of David and Marc are locked in battle with only pride at stake. The Moss green Maser has an 18 point advantage over the struggling Mercedes.

          There is much to be decided in both classes at the final race of the VRAA 2016 season. And donít forget that the results of the Concours DíElegance will be revealed at the same time as the racing Champions are announced.

          See you at the 'Drome!



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            The long awaited Race 6 Results have arrived via Graf Zeppelin from Art:

            I have revised the VRAA 2016 Championship Standings After Race 7 to include the Race 6 Results:

            Obviously, this changes the Championship battles in both classes. Tomorrow I will add an analysis of where we now stand going into the season finale.



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              With the addition of the Race 6 Results, the Championship race has changed somewhat:

              In GP1.5, Stu's Brabham #22 is even further out of reach after his sixth win in seven races. This car is most deservedly the VRAA 2016 GP1.5 Champion. The fight for 2nd place is back on, albeit a long shot, as Old23's #28 Lotus has moved within 14 points of Chas's #6 Cooper. Terry's #47 Brabham has dropped 16 points behind the Lotus and will have a very tough time reaching the podium. In fact, the fight for 4th in the Championship is a close one, with Stubbo's Brabham, Marek's Porsche and even Phil's Emeryson in with a chance.

              The GP2.5 race has definitely heated up after Chris's #22 Lotus registered its third win of the season to draw within 14 points of the Championship leader, Old23's #14 Maserati. If the Lotus converts its pole-winning performance at the Autodrome into another Race win and fastest lap, the #14 Maser will have to finish in the top three to hold on for the title. It will be a tension filled race, with any mishap likely to decide which car will be the GP2.5 Champion. Aloha's #8 BRM has a lock on 3rd place this season, but would now require some disaster to befall the two cars in front to result in a higher season finish. The fight for 4th has closed to within 2 points between the AMCC Ferrari and Marek's Maserati. A similar slim gap separates the Martini Maser and Phil's Aston Martin in the scrap for 6th place.

              It will all be resolved this weekend at the Autodrome.

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                The final race of the season at the Autodrome both confirmed some expectations and offered some surprises.

                For the record, here are Official Results of Race 8 at the Autodrome:

                Here are the updated and Final Standings in the VRAA 2016 Championship:

                In GP1.5, Stu’s #22 Brabham posted yet another victory, its seventh of the year, but by the slimmest of margins over Old23’s #28 Lotus. But for a delay behind a de-slotted car in an adjacent lane, the final race result could easily have been reversed. The Championship picture, however, was never in doubt. Stu’s amazing Brabham was the class of the field everywhere we raced this year
                and is a most deserving Champion. Chas’s #6 Cooper had an uncharacteristically poor race in Round 8, but scored enough points to cling to the series runner-up honours ahead of the #28 Lotus. Newso’s #47 Brabham claimed 4th at season’s end, though Stubbo’s #16 Brabham and Phil’s #4 Emeryson were close behind -- the latter moving ahead of the #69 Porsche on the back of a fine podium finish at the Autodrome. Marek’s Porsche and RIR’s BRM ended the year in 7th and 8th respectively, well clear of the trailing pack. Andi’s pretty #8 Lotus came home 9th, comfortably ahead of the battle for the last place in the top ten between Rossko’;s #61 Brabham and Fastwagon’s #11 Honda, the place going to the turquoise Brabham. In the “Grand Prix des Escargots” (forgive me!), Datto’s Ferrari and David’s BRM ended in a tie at the bottom of the standings. Both are beautiful cars and a pleasure to drive, but were lacking in top speed and grunt out of the corners.

                Here are the GP1.5 top three with their trophies (check out the VRAA 2016 Trophies thread for better photos):

                Going into the final race, the GP2.5 class was still an open fight between last years Champ, the #22 Lotus of Chris, and the #14 Maserati of Old23. The latter needed at least a 3rd place finish at the Autodrome to hold onto the Championship lead and it sealed the deal in style with a win. Across the season, both these cars won three races and finished well clear of Aloha’s 3rd place #8 BRM, the winner of the season opener at Mesa Roja. Thereafter, a solid season of top-six finishes resulted in a well-deserved final step on the Championship podium for the BRM. Marek’s #69 Maserati came home 4th ahead of AMCC’s #38 Ferrari at the head of a close battle for the mid-field positions. Phil’s #4 Aston Martin had two late season podiums that helped it climb into the 6th spot overall ahead of Chas’s #20 Vanwall. The Martini #28 Maserati scored one glorious win at the Canfield Green round, but otherwise struggled to finish a race in the top six. Its 8th place in the Championship is thanks to that one day in the sun. RetroRacer’s #2 Mercedes and Rossko’s #26 Bugatti ended in a tie for 9th to complete the top ten. We lost entrant and builder RetroRacer at the mid-point of the season, but his car raced on in his honour and scored an emotional 2nd place finish in Round 7. Munter’s #19 Vanwall, David’s #7 Maserati and Datto’s #10 Mercedes trailed the field apart from Fastwagon’s #5 Maserati which was forced to withdraw after Round 3 with a terminal motor problem.

                Here are the GP2.5 top three with their trophies:

                The winners in the Concours D’Elegance were just announced (see the Concours thread for details), with David Mitcham coming out on top for the second year running. His lovely BRM P48/57 featured exquisite detail and craftsmanship. On top of that, he carved the original body shell form out of a block of wood. Second place went to Andi Rowland’s Lotus 21, which showed some fine workmanship, especially in the elaborate suspension details. Finally, third place went to Stu’s GP1.5 Championship winning Brabham, proving that a very well detailed car can also be a very high performance one.

                Here are the Concours D'Elegance top three with their trophies

                So there are the Final Results and Winners of our three classes in the VRAA 2016. I will post a wrap-up and some personal thoughts in a separate thread in the days to come.

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                  Wow! What a proxy in two distinguished classes. The racing was great and the reporting of events was timely and complete. As the season went on it was interesting to see how different cars performed well on specific tracks. Now the sun has set on another year of the VRAA proxy which is really a world class event that is made that way through the participants, hosts, drivers and most importantly the organizer Stu. Great job done by all and especially you Stu.



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                    Thanks Dale. Congrats on finishing on the GP2.5 podium this year.

                    And just for the sake of clarity, the short form of my name is "Stew", as in Old23/Stewart, not to be confused with "Stu", as in slo1quick/Stu, the runaway winner in the GP1.5 class this season.




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                      This was such a great, fun, and educational experience. Really chuffed to see the trophies pictured with the winners. Thanks so much Stewart, for pulling this together!


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                        Thanks Stewart for all the work in getting this years event organized and run and keeping the scores on it all, very entertaining reading. Congrats to you on your and placings too, well done and Congrats to Chris and Dale too.
                        Re; 1.5 class; Well done Charles on your car was very fast and competitive on some of the tracks. Its good to see strong representation from the guys down under. I think There were 7 different cars on the podium at some stage or other and 5 or 6 fastest lap cars along the way which shows the depth of really competitive builds and those guys mixing it up with the points and sharing it around made the winning margin more than it would have otherwise been. Well done guys.
                        As far as my car goes, well I wouldnt have ever expected that it would be such a consistent runner on so many tracks. It gets a bit nervous sitting on top and podium vertigo is always ever present with such a competitive bunch of fast cars. so Im pretty chuffed with its performance and the recognition in the concourse is just the ants pants. Thanks Marc for the Trophies, they look great
                        Thanks to all the hosts and drivers and marshals and helpers and well done to all the entrants, the field of cars look fantastic

                        Cheers Stu


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                          Congrats to all

                          Congrats to all participants for such quality builds and splendid runners.
                          The races were fantastic and a lot of fun for the gosts to have the priveledge of
                          running. I am glad i didnt have to do concours with so many very detailed cars.
                          I think i mentioned that if i had these cars in my personal collection i would need no others.
                          I thank you all for the trust in allowing me to host your cars at Canfield Green.
                          It truly was a pleasure.
                          Many thanks and again congrats to all especially the podium takers and the concours winners.
                          All the best


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                            First, my congratulations to the race/concours winners, my thanks to the track owners/drivers (and a particular "thank you" to Bob Chapman for building a track that was apparently especially designed for the #28 250F) and finally thank you, Stewart, for organizing and managing a great event. I hope you will repeat it next year.

                            In an attempt to learn from the exercise, I've done an analysis of the finishing position of the cars vs their specifications. I built a spread sheet in Excel with finish in the first column and columns for the quantitative specs:

                            track (F)
                            track (R)
                            tire width (F)
                            tire width (R)
                            tire diameter (R)
                            gear ratio

                            I then added 2 calculated numbers:

                            effective torque - torque (110 for BWA, 100 for M/T-1) X gear ratio /rear tire radius
                            effective torque/weight

                            Each of these variables was plotted vs finish position and a simple linear regression done to see if there were trends (no great trick here, the plotting and math are built into the spread sheet)

                            The weight vs finish suggests that lighter is better:

                            The correlation is not bad although the trend would be weaker without 2 very heavy cars at 8 & 9

                            There is no apparent influence of wheelbase - not surprising per se particularly since the "guide base (unrecorded) is a better measure of effective length.

                            Neither rear track width nor rear tire width had significant impact - initially surprising but the range of each was quite narrow.

                            Rear tire diameter was used in subsequent calculation but was not plotted.

                            A plot of the torque (motor torque X gear ratio) revealed no trends but, when divided by weight, supported the observation of an inverse relationship between weight and finishing position:

                            Obviously, all of the nuances of car preparation, flat chassis, weight distribution, rolling qualities, tire preparation, gear mesh etc. are absent from this account but it does suggest that lighter is better (and I should have geared the Maser @ 3:1!)



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                              If this is the place to say thank you then, "Thank you."
                              I really appreciate the work Stewart has put into the series and I too, hope it continues next year.
                              My thoughts are also with the hosts and driver of each round...thank you to you guys too.

                              I am also pleased to have been beaten by Keith's car.

                              Thanks must go to my fellow competitors...I hope to be more competitive next year.