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2011 world challenge touring car and gt class rules

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    Spirit made two version of the Peugeot 406, the wide body "silhouette" and the narrower regular version which is legal in touring class. They both share the same type of chassis and running gear.


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      We all love the Silhouette And if it was a Touring Car we would likely see an entire feild of them. However, the Silouette never ran in a Touring Car class anywhere in the wolrd I can find.

      As 356Speedster said above, the "regular" version is legal and a very popular choice.


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        Are Ford Mondeos legal? Also, can we add fender flares to bodies?


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          Mondeos/Holdens are legal, must have blanked out putting them on the list.

          Will have to give flares some thought. Input from anyone?


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            I like flares........but...........what is the difference (just asking) of using a silhouette body and saying "it has flares" . That said, if flares are allowed, they should be in proportion to the body, not flared out to the max width allowed under the rules (unless that is "in proportion") to the body. You might/could see some weird looking cars if unrestricted flares were allowed just to get the max rear tire width/track .

            Just an opinion

            Big Jack


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              I'm with Jack on this one.


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                If the real car didn't have flares, then the slot car shouldn't either. Just my $.02.



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                  I'm against "adding" flares.


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                    I am going with "no flares". At one time I would have allowed flares, because the hub design of avialable aftermarket wheels meant that some cars, such as the ProSlots, could not physically fit the wheel/tire under the fenders. Now however, there are enough options that no matter what the car you should be able to get the rubber under the fenders.
                    Now, if for some reason you are dealing with a car I have no clue exists and for that reason you need to flare the fenders to fit GT sized wheels under it, simply submit a few pics and a good arguement as we will go from there :



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                      Proxy builders tend to have a weakness for wide tracking cars, so allowing flares is like asking for trouble unless the goal with the series is to get a field of fantasy "silhouettes".

                      IMO those who like flares can choose a "DTM" car that's already eligible

                      Edit: typing too slow to notice the post above...
                      Last edited by 356speedster; 11-16-2010, 11:30 AM.


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                        BTW would a Scalextric "Protec" Opel Vectra be eligible?

                        Just scored a NIB kit silly cheap on the "evil bay" the other day, could be fun to put it to some good use rather than letting it collect dust.

                        I know that body style of the Vectra raced at least until 1999 and probably longer, but the Protec kit has a ISO Fulcrum metal chassis and I think I remember reading you wanted to keep this series a plastic chassis series?

                        Maybe it's best to keep it on the shelves, but it could be fun to see what I could make of it, if it had a purpose.


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                          Yes, plastic chassis only, sorry. Tom (monovell) has one of those buggers so I knew what your were talking about


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                            Don, how about the Nissan 350Z in WCGT?


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                              I could not find any reference fo someone running a 350Z in WCGT, but if you can I will allow it.


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                                I think the 350Z has only run in the JGTC.....

                                Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!