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2011 world challenge touring car and gt class rules

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  • Originally posted by mrtiggz View Post
    quick question is there a minimum weight it these classes?? I was looking all over but couldnt see it?


    • Originally posted by Racerdoug View Post
      I have been fooling with these Porsches since they first came out. I have tried just about every optional piece that NSR makes,and one my track I have the NSR Porsche running faster than ANY car I own (with one exception-NSR C6R Corvette). We had a race this past weekend @ my track and there were a few guys running NSR Moslers-and even the Moslers couldn't keep pace with the NSR C6R. Be glad to share my set-ups if you're interested?

      Hi Doug,

      I am trying to learn to tune cars and I would greatly appreciate any knowledge you are willing to share.



      • Originally posted by pukplyr View Post
        safe dat makes it alot more easier


        • No problem. Love to share what I've got. Later tonight I'll take some pictures of the chassis and post what I have on the car.


          • This probably isn't the best place for these posts,but since nothing else is going on here and we already started talking about them (NSRs)here goes.......

            So far these are the best of my NSRs. The Porsche is leading the 997 CUP series I'm hosting...12 races....your best 6 finishes count. Top 8 in points after 12 races run in the Final for the Championship....I have been playing with the Porsches for awhile now and have tried just about every combination of parts. This is what I've come up with as a set-up for my track.......

            82' around 4-lane routed,satin latex-back straight is 18' long (straight) The track is 25' end to end-fast with lots of grip. Lap times for NSR (Corvette,Porsche,and Mosler)is around 7 seconds.

            On my Porsche I'm useing the "white"#1236 motor pod-not quite as stiff as the #1237 pod that comes in the car. 13/34 gearing.#1234 extra hard drop arm (locked down)with # 4843 "longer" guide. #1229 "medium" suspension.I run the front axle height adjustors top and bottom-set so that the front tire just sit on the track with hardly any weight on them. Stock front tires. 5 grams of weight up front/and 7 in the rear (under rear axle)

            Body screws are snugged down-then backed off 1/4 turn.Rear wheels are run @ full body width. Rear axle bushings are glued in place.Motor has 1 screw holding it in place (Slot-it) Motor wires are bent and glued to the chassis so that the guide returns to center. The gears were run in for 1 hour @ 5 volts useing light valve grinding compound. I run Slot-it #SIPTO-17 S2 Silicones on my track when useing silicones...NSR shore 22 when useing rubber.

            My NSR C6R Corvette is set-up pretty much the same way-(Motor/Gearing/Guide/wires/MED. suspension/front axle height) but not the weight. NO weight up front (longer wheel base-no need for front weight) still 7 grams in rear under axle. 3 grams in pod just ahead of motor.

            On the Corvette I don't run the rear wheel at full body width...just slightly in.

            You can see the difference in the 2 cars wheel base (about .300") On all my cars I use Carrera 1/32 braid. NSR makes the most fun cars to run because they are so adjustable. If you spend the can dial these cars into any track. So far I have 14 Porsches and 2 Vettes

            Sickness? Maybe. But coming from an R/C background I enjoy playing with cars that can really be "tuned"...and NSR makes all the stuff to do it.


            • wow that was some serious imfo thanks for that will try your setupin the moring its about 4 am over here just got in from a night out with da lads saw dj jazzy jeff play really really good