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Sauber Mercedes C9 Sidewinder, Part 2 Conclusion

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    One of the difficulties in creating a test of IL vs. SW is that other variables influence the results. Dave seems to be struggling with two issues: weight distribution (which he can't equalize between the two setups unless he goes overweight with one car) and gear ratio (which he can't equalize because the optimum IL ratio cannot be matched with an SW ratio, given the available gears).

    I suggest that the motor be downgraded to a standard Slot.It 21.5k V12/3, so that ratios in the 2.8 to 3.0 range can be used, to eliminate that from the equation. This would eliminate a lot of problems with this test.

    Otherwise, it might be possible to use TSRF spur gears, which offer higher numerical ratios than Slot.It SW gears, and can fit in the same chassis. But I can't say whether the TSRF gears are based on an 18mm or 19mm axle-to-motor shaft distance. It's one or the other . . .


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      The TSRF 64 pitch plastic gears are for the "standard" 19mm spacing, if that's what you meant.


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        At a speed of over 17 MPH on the main straight I lost the brakes, the car hit the retaining wall, the basement wall, and floor.

        I inspected the car and found no damage, no broken parts, nothing bent, and nothing binding. I ran a few laps with no visible problems and quit for the day.

        The next day the car was almost a half second slower, but the top speed remained the same. Since then I have inspected the car over and over, changed the rear axle, replaced the gears. I have adjusted every screw on the chassis.

        The car lost two to three hundredths on the skid pad. On the track it snaps loose at the transition from brakes to power, thus slowing the entry speed and the speed through the corner.

        I tested the rear tires individually on the skid pad and their times remained the same as the original test.

        After a few hours of playing with this car I finally got it back to running laps in the 6.790 to 6.820, still more than two tenths slower then the best laps the car was capable of running.

        I think I will take Robertís suggestion and redo this test with a stock motor and 3.00:1 gears for both chassis.



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          A race car is a race car... Not an engine configuration.

          I believe that in both configurations everything should be done to make the car as fast as possible. There's no sense at all in trying to get the weight balance even for the sake of that alone. If it makes the car faster then do it.

          As I see it... Same goes for the gears. Use whatever ratio you need to in order to get the most speed from the car.

          Of course it all has to be drivable .

          Great test . I just bought one of these the other day in inline with the orange motor. I picked up the white one. It's going to be a bit of "Saturday Night Dirt Tracker" meets "Souber-Mercedes C9" .

          Thanks for the test.