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How To Check The Drive Tires For Trueness

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  • How To Check The Drive Tires For Trueness

    This is an easy way to check your drive tires to make sure they are running true after you have tested the wheels.

    A set of tires was installed on the drive wheels and a piece of 1/16th tubing was mounted to the motor with a rubber band.

    The chassis is set on the tire sanding fixture, the tires are on the plastic sanding pad. I spray some glass cleaner on the tires for lubrication.

    Run the car as slow as possible and watch the tubing. If the tires are true the tubing will be stationary.

    If the tires arenít true, the tubing will amplify the tires movement and the tubing will move up and down at slow speeds. At higher speeds the tubing vibrates. (see video)


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    It's a little difficult to tell what's causing the alteration in the amount that the tubing is vibrating, there. Is it just a change in the voltage to the motor, or is the tubing moving around on the contact patch of the tire?


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      I should have included the photo of the car in the articles to show how the tests were set up.

      The aluminum tubing doesnít touch anything other than where it is mounted to the motor.

      The rubber band is only around the chassis.

      The vibration and movement up and down is caused by the change in wheel speed, from high speed to a stop.