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So Much For The Theory About Cornering Speed!

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    To further compare the same corner using two identical cars entering the turn side by side, the car on the inside lane would have the advantage when going through the 177° turn. The inside lane would have an elapsed time of 0.412 seconds and the outside lane would have an elapsed time of 0.485 seconds.

    Even though the car in the outside lane is traveling at a faster speed, it takes longer to make it through turn, and the car on the inside lane would be on the straight sooner and accelerating.


    The straight is 16 foot long. The cars in this test are geared for their best lap times.

    Changing the gear ratio in my Jaguar from a 3.25:1 to a 3.00:1 increased the top speed from 24.1 to 25.8 f/sec. The change reduced the lap times by almost 0.200 seconds just due to the loss in braking cause by the gear ratio change, and a small loss in acceleration on the short straights.



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      corner speed

      if running these tests on a slot it car indulge me and try this set up if you have the parts ,as in a c9 is seriously fast ,our club track staight is about 12 to 14 ft with a good turn on to it and this car is faster than any other car there set up is
      sauber c9
      boxser2 open can
      ofset pod
      larger rear wheels
      ally fronts
      19/10 p5s
      deep guide
      soft braids
      no weight in car
      as with the taller gears you can drive hard thru the corner and carry 30% more speed on exit and watch it fly up the straight as corner exit speed is where you win if going for the line