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    Yeah, true, torque-steer can induce fishtailing -- but that's not really what we're talking about here.


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      It is extremely difficult to get cars to fishtail on my track due to the traction level of the S1 tires and the surface of the track.

      If the power is slightly reduced when the cars in photos # 4 & 5 are in these positions, and are allowed to take their proper line before full power is applied at the beginning of the straight, the cars won’t fishtail.

      Wet Coast Racer

      The article I did on Twisting Forces of the Motor, demonstrated that even though the motor made 640 g/cm of torque, none of this twisting force is applied to the rear wheels. The only load applied to the rear wheels from the motor torque, is the weight transfer created by the pinion climbing either the spur gear or crown gear under acceleration.

      I did acceleration tests (drag racing ) with this car, and it never fishtailed leaving the starting line.


      Originally I used simple terms like tip or slide, but it seemed that everyone wanted more technical terms such as the ones used for real cars. Everyone used these terms in different ways for different meanings.

      I believe the simple terms makes it easier for everyone to understand each other and avoid confusion.