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What Is Your Reason For Using Zero Grip Front Tires?

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    I like these type of threads where something has been tested. Most times it concludes in what we have come across by feel anyway. My feelings re Zeros are pretty much as has been said already that the setting of the front height is the most important. Fronts are really outriggers on a slot car and keep the car "straight". One thing as an aside is that a lot of people don't true fronts which i find odd as perfectly round fronts mean that the car doesnt have inconsistency in its stability. Emough diamond coat nail varnish turns any tyre into a zero grip anyway but remember to round of the edge to stop any chance of digging in on a descending or ascending corner.
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      use clear nail polish it is the best

      on the rear use super tires

      with slot it 0 grip i use Ninco #80736 ProRace EVO STD 15'' Wheels
      they are the best with my 956
      you can buy the tires from the model number is 1403


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        What I find strange is that I believe a lot of club rules do not allow treatment of front tires with nail ploish etc. So one cannot cheaply make ones own tires zero grip but it is OK to buy special "Zero-Grip" front tires from

        Maybe someone in the know could explain the logic. Are there different grades on nail polish that would give an unfair advantage? Have people used oil for the same purpose and fouled the track hence the rule?


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          I use the hardest clear nail polish available in the store; and I use it on my zero grips too, to reduce their grip even further.

          That's after truing the tires, and deliberately reducing surface area of the inside of the tire.

          Nail polish lasts longer if you keep it in the fridge. Not everybody knows this.


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            Nail polish lasts longer if you keep it in the fridge. Not everybody knows this.

            The mind boggles at the images laid before one!


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              Moving slightly off the topic yet not at a complete tangent. So stay with me here.

              In my return to slots I found myself at the back of the grid. Fair enough. So I watched the good guys and chatted with them to learn how to go faster. One of the tips was varnished front tyres and then trued again. So I religeously do this now on most cars.

              Davejr your testing always makes me stop and think. Are zero grip tyres a slotting folklore myth or good paractice?

              As others have said above a good race car is the sum of its parts. Give three RTR cars to three different tuners and they will/may emphasise different areas tuning to create a competitive field of cars. It is therefore hard to target one issue in isolation.

              Transition through straight to curve is vital to overall lap time and this is not possible to test on a skid pad(noted in the thread). As an aside I built a handling skid pad with an "ess" curve in it and found it did not really help my car preparation. Though it identified a poor handling car it did not make fast cars.

              This handling issue was most marked on the recent proxy run of the CPR cars through Vancouver. The more transition moments there are on a track, the more important a well planted front end became. Especially so for "esses" type curves with multiple transitions.

              I firmly believe and accept it is a belief that front tyres being just touching, round and trued with small contact patch and low grip is the right race car preparation.

              Perhaps the test we should look at here is to make a race car but leave the front alone. Run the car and record lap time. Then start the front modifications. Axle height and lap time. trued wheel and lap time. Trued tyre lap time, ride height re-adjusted and lap time. varnished lap tyre and lap time. Then analyse the results.

              My belief is so strong that I do not need to be doing this process, though I think it would be interesting, academically speaking to quantify the timed improvement with each staged improvement. Anecdotlly I have raced enough cars with some of the above stages missing to see that this is so. The problem was pointed out. The following week's performence was markedly better with the improvement made.

              My belief in zero grip is so firm in long distance races I clean the front tyres. When cleaning the fronts there always is alot of crud removed from from the tyre. The car appears to go better in terms of ease to drive and lap times are more repeatable. This has been observed for varnished fronts, zero grip fronts and varnished zero grip fronts.

              So for me zero grip at the front is more than slotting myth. Indeed a well planted front end is simply good custom and practice.


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                Originally posted by dansula View Post
                Nail polish lasts longer if you keep it in the fridge. Not everybody knows this.

                The mind boggles at the images laid before one!
                So does superglue. How boggled is your mind now?

                I believe in polite company, men keeping nail polish in the freezer is OK as long as is not red!! An old joke!!
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