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Driving on a wood track

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  • Driving on a wood track

    Driving on a wood track with silicone tires can be a different driving experience.

    Through the years of testing and racing on my track, this is the best approach to driving the fastest laps that I have found.

    A Slot it C1/Prototype car has a very low center of gravity and the car will not tip over without an extreme situation.

    One extreme situation is over-driving the car to the point where the guide binds in the slot, and snaps the car over.
    This is what also breaks guides and guide mounts.

    This extreme situation is demonstrated by car A, either entering, going through the center, or exiting the turn.

    Car B is over-driven to the point that wherever it is in the turn, entering, going through, or exiting, for each one of these position, in any turn, about 0.100 of a second in lap time is lost.

    Car C is in the perfect position for any part of the turn, entering, going through the center, or exiting.

    Applying full power to car C where it is shown exiting the turn will never cause the car to fishtail and the car will attain itís fastest speed on the straight.

    The few times I have used rubber tires on my C1/Prototype cars, I found that the slip angle was a little greater, similar to car B where it is going through the center of the turn.

    Exiting a turn with rubber tires, the position of car C produces the fastest lap times, which are about a second slower than silicone tires.