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The best painted surface for a race track!

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  • The best painted surface for a race track!

    A week before I was to run the 2009 Slot it Summer Shootout, I damaged my skid pad beyond use. The tape was ripped and the paint was damaged.

    I have never found an easy way to remove the tape, either it comes off in small pieces, or it pulls up the paint and leaves a jagged surface.

    A piece of Norton Premium Aluminum Oxide 120 grit sandpaper was installed in my sander and the copper tape was sanded off the surface. Norton 320 grit was installed and I sanded the entire skid pad area.

    The skid pad area was taped off with ¼ inch masking tape and news paper to keep overspray off of the track.

    Behr Premium Egg Shell Enamel was mixed 50% paint to 50% water. Since the whole area was painted and there were no bare spots, I didn’t prime the area first.

    Three coats of paint were sprayed on with my Passche air brush, using a #3 tip set. Each coat was dried with a hair dryer.

    The next day I lightly wet sanded the painted area with 800 grit wet and dry paper.

    The area was then hand polished with Soft Scrub. A hair dryer was suspended over the skid pad and run at a low setting for an hour or so.

    The area was cleaned with a tack cloth and the copper tape was applied.

    When the Shootout cars arrived, my car was the first car that was tested on the new paint surface.

    The car ran continuous laps of 0.720 seconds, this was 0.025 seconds faster than it ran on the old Sears Latex paint surface.

    The starting line area for the 10 foot acceleration test had been painted a month earlier using this same method.

    Auto Parts Stores in my area no longer sell ¼ inch masking tape, so I had to make my own.

    A piece of ¼ inch black plastic with a single edge razor blade was clamped on an old desk top. The edge of the razor blade overhung the plastic by 1/8 inch.

    I held the roll of ¾ inch masking tape against the razor blade and rotated the roll a full circle. Flipped it over and cut the other side for 3 - ¼ inch sections of tape.