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Inline / sidewinder testing parameters

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  • Inline / sidewinder testing parameters


    When comparing two different cars for performance gains, there will be numerous variable between the two cars and they might effect the outcome.

    When I did my inline versus sidewinder using a C9, the only things that were changed were the motor pod and gear set.

    I used the same gear ratio, 3.00:1, and made sure the car was assembled exactly the same, down to making sure the rear tires were on the correct side of the car.

    Even doing all of this, there could be some undetected variables between the two setups.

    With all of this testing, the inline was only 1 to 2 hundredths faster on the skid pad, and about a tenth of a second faster in race track lap time.

    With the many hours of testing I have done, I would call this comparison a toss up.

    I was looking for some great gain by switching to a sidewinder.

    Most of the people that get involved in this ongoing discussing admit that the big difference is in driving preference.

    Any sidewinder car with a good set of gears will always be smoother to drive with less vibration.

    The biggest problem with the inline setup is the gear mesh causing lateral vibration in the rear axle.

    Even with the Slick 7 thrust washers and zero clearance, some vibration still exists.

    Another problem I have with the inline is the body vibration under heavy braking, this can really upset a car coming into a turn.

    Good luck with your comparison test, and please let us all know your results.