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Need some soldering advice please

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  • Need some soldering advice please

    I am wanting to get a soldering gun. Will not be building chassis. Just need it for soldering small wiring. Like the lead wires from the motor. And some occasional track wire soldering. What gun would be best for this? And what solder also? Any tips on the wire soldering would be appreciated also.


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    Soldering gun? I have not used mine in years. For fine electrical work a small iron with a pencil tip is the thing to use. For solder rosin core electrical solder is best. A pencil tip might not work well for bigger jobs like soldering taps on track rails. For something like that a chisel tip would work better. My iron is a 45 watt Ungar with a chisel tip and for fine work I just use a corner of the tip.
    If you leave an iron running at full power the solder on the tip will oxidize making the iron useless until the tip is cleaned and tinned. It is best to reduce the power when you are not actually soldering. You can buy a soldering station with a power control built in or use a lamp dimmer.


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      Bought mine last year. Good gun.



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        What Dave said. ^^^


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          The irons Rich and Dave suggest above, or something of similar size would be good for what Rick wants. I find that size iron is good most slot racing soldering jobs (including most work on modern chassis), only occasionally using a smaller iron (for fine electronics) or a larger one (for work on heavy chassis).

          I wouldn't recommend a soldering gun.

          60/40 solder is easier to use than the lead free stuff, but a little care is needed because of the health and safety issues with lead.


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            May I modestly recommend 'Ed's Excellent Soldering Thread', found in the 'Vintage & Scratchbuilder' forum.

            Ed Bianchi