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King Evo vs Flat6 size

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  • King Evo vs Flat6 size

    Does anyone know if the motor case size ( not RPM, torque or down force) is the same between the NSR King Evo3 (21,400) and the Slot.It Flat-6 or 6S (20,000- 22,000)?
    I would rather use the NSR in an AW setup without body mods for a Slot.It Audi R8C than the suggested Flat 6. Slot. Slot.It suggests using the Flat6 in the streamlined LMP s like R18TDI, R8C and Lola.

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    I believe that the Flat 6 motors are unique, they have a lower profile than other FK type motors.


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      The flat 6 is approximately 2.2mm lower than the standard FK 180 size motor, otherwise they are very similar size so a flat 6 fits most mounts designed for FK 180 size motors with about a mm gap top and bottom. Of course the shaft length needs to suit the chassis. It's very easy to shorten a shaft that's too long, but extending one that's too short is more difficult.


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        Thx guys! Looks like a Flat6 it will be.


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          The flat-6 has extra motor mounting holes to screw it in in a hypoid/under centerline position for lower center of gravity and extra body clearance.


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            With some sorts of motor mounting, the extra fixing holes in a Flat 6 can be used to mount a Flat 6 lower.
            Many motor mounts locate on the bearing housings at either end of the motor. With that sort of mounting the motor shaft of a FK 180 and Flat 6 will be at the same height.