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    I wonder If I can use a cheap USB dongle with one of these software timers?

    I got box with 6 channel input. It is recognized by the PC as a joystick/gamepad.

    Every time I keep coming up with some idea it has already been done...see
    Would be great if someone could connect a USB Joystick/Gamepad to a timer and report if you can trigger it with buttons/axis movement.

    This is my box.
    There is also a cheaper dongle available that does the same thing.

    Both are for connecting rc receivers to the PC so you can use your own transmitter wireless with RC-sims but any game that can be played with joystick/gamepad works.

    If it works I would put a lightbridge in the slot and power it with batteries or the output from the box.


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      To answer my own question....

      I started LapTimer 2000.
      I tried Joystick input but it does not trigger.
      I tried keyboard input...obviously works.

      Now I downloaded a software that maps input to any other output.
      I am not very good at this but I will try.
      Tried to map one axis to keyboard button "one".
      Did not work...maybe I am doing something wrong.
      I already succeeded in mapping a mouse button to keyboard button "one". I now can trigger lane one with my mouse button.
      I am sure this can be done...I wish I had graphic feedback in the mapping tool to see which axis I have to map.
      Maybe there is a better software though this one seems very comprehensive.
      Its irritating though that I can do this "111111111" with my mousbutton or a tip on my trackpad now....
      I am using glovepie 0.45 it works with any input device...also with kinect so you could probably link some usb motion sensor to a keyboard button and thus use it with any laptimmer that kann be triggered with keyboard.


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        Scrap glovepie...

        now that has a move the joystick or remote control in my case and assign a key to it.
        It works with laptimer 2000 and will probably work with any other lap timer that takes keyboard input.
        Maybe someone better than me could get the dongle to work directly via joystick input.

        The mapping tool can assign 2 keys per axis...I could time 12 lanes with the 9$ USB-Stick...maybe laptimer2000 could also run 3 parallel instances...

        Another great mapping tool is Xpadder
        that's the free version.
        It also lets you configure sensibility and other trigger related events.
        I read those programs are used that people can play emulator games with a gamepad on the pc...
        I have to try that with SuperMario on the Gameboy emulator now...

        Now I just have to buy some hardware to trigger the joystick emulator.
        Does anybody know how that works?
        I want to use these
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          Sprint Timer

          I have just made my first wood routed track, one lane for testing only. Of course I needed some way to measure progress so I found an app for my iPod and iPad called Sprint Timer which fit the bill perfectly. Set up the camera next to a lane to be measured and press start, each time a car passes by the zone it records the lap time. Simple to set up , no wiring and the price is right.