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  • SCX Motor Brushes

    I know there is got to be a thread on here on where to buy or ,what kind to modify. But I cannot find it. I have some motors that are in need of a comm cut and new brushes.I will be working on the 42 and 42b motors. Thanks for the help in advance. I am still getting use to using Illustrated. I have used ScxWorldwide in the past unfortunately it is no longer with us.

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    Ha...since there is no delete...

    I do now recall the brushes in these motors are simillar to the more common "slide in" the brush holder type brush..not like the tiny little brushes on the little 130 motors..!

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      Pro Slot PS-4014 motor brushes are a little big, they would have to be sanded down to fit, but they are $1.60 a pair from Professor Motor.


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        If you don't have a comm lathe, someone in your area must, be it another home/club racer or someone who runs at a commercial raceway. Over the years, I've cut several friend's comms, but unfortunately, I'm not in your area of the country.