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use an RC radio for slotcars?

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  • use an RC radio for slotcars?

    I have many rc speed controllers left over from before brushless days so I just wanted to ask if anybody has already tried to hook up a radio to a lane. Theoretically you would just use the controller to the power supply, track and receiver.
    You would get a wireless controller with fully adjustable powercurve if you got a computer radio.
    You could even run on batteries.

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    I've always thought that would be a great idea

    Since you already have the equipment surplus it really makes sense.
    Please post your results and what you used to accomplish success.


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      You would have to connect the plus input of the receiver to the white track connection and the minus input to the red connection. The plus output of the receiver would go to the black track connection. That should work if the minus input of the receiver is connected internally to the minus output.


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        I would just connect the power output red and black to the track. Most flight ESCs have a built in brake that you can switch off or on.


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          Here's a video of a guy using his RC controllers to control slot cars:

          [ame=""]wireless slot car track - YouTube[/ame]
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            Dang....and I thought maybe something new...

            Here is another adoption of the same idea.


            At 6:40 you can see a box with an Evolution controller moving.
            They could have taken a mechanical speed controller also...
            we could never afford electronic speed controllers in the 80ties.
            I also have mechanical car controllers left. They just use a servo and work just like slotcar controllers in principle but with reverse
            But you could still program the remote...