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Braids Carrera Digital 132, particularly F1 cars

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  • Braids Carrera Digital 132, particularly F1 cars


    I am struggling to find the optimal way to position the braids in our Carrera Digital 132 cars, particularly the Formula One cars. Surprisingly, I do not find so much information about such an important topic. And what I find seems often contradictory.

    I use Carrera braids.

    Some expert help on this is most welcome, best if accompanied by images.

    Thank you everyone.


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    Hello again,

    I did find the following information here:

    My earlier question aims at whether the described procedure for these Carrera GO braids and cars is also recommended for Carrera Digital 132 cars, in paricular of the Forumula 1 type (with rather low bodies). Please note that this procedure is somewhat different from what Carrera describes in their manuals (or at least that is myh interpretation):

    "The last thing that is needed to insure that the cars will run smoothly and reliably around the track is to fan out or groom the pickup braids. This is done to maximize electrical conductivity from the track rails to the braids and, therefore, to the motor. One technique for doing this is shown in the following photos:

    First, hold the car in one hand with the braids facing up and clearly visible as in the photo below left. Next, grab the car firmly with both hands between the forefingers and thumbs, with the thumbs directly over one set (left and right) of braids. With both hands holding the car firmly in this position, push the braids forward in the direction of the red arrows with the thumbs repeatedly as though you were rubbing them as shown in the below right photo.

    This will loosen the tight weave of the braid material and the braid will start to fan or spread out. Repeat with the second set of braids until both sets appear as shown in the photo below. There are also other ways to accomplish this. For example, gripping the braids on each side with two pairs of needle nose pliers to gently pull the braid material apart.

    Once the braids are fanned properly, tilt them down from the guide at about a 30 angle so that they appear as shown in the following photo. 88"

    Here how Carrera describes the issue:

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

    Best regards,



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      Great info, I've wondered how best to 'dress' them. Thanks!

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        I do a little of both...i side spread them a little and then use a small screw driver to lift them in the middle away from the car and push the ends dow a little toward the car. My F1s run great.


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          Toward the car? Mmm, I never tried that. And again, that is not the way Carrera self tells us to do it. Thanks for commenting.


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            I basically make them a U...with the arched section pulled towards the track. I saw a video online that showed it being done that way.