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Is Ricky Torpedo around?

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  • Is Ricky Torpedo around?

    I sent an email to the UR 3.0 support to ask if they still process payments and haven't heard back. I was wondering that, plus if 4.0 will be available soon, and if buying 3.0 now will get an upgrade for free or discount when 4.0 comes out or not at all.

    I used the software quite a bit these days for fun and hey I'd like to support it even if it's a few years old.

    If anyone has info please share.

    Happy New Year!

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    I made a post last year, and have sent e-mails regarding the software not working for carrera digital. Have never got a response either on this forum or private e-mail. Used to get responses years ago, but no more. Sent another e-mail as late as last month, no response. I paid for an unsupported product I can't use, so I wouldn't count on any response any time soon. Shame, it was great in its day.....


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      hi folks,
      still here, but over booked with my job and family...
      All my time efforts are focused on UR40 (including carrera digital support), harder task than expected
      race manager current status: several testers raised critical issues on the new release. We take the decision to support only on w10 (several weeks wasted on w8.1) and replace deprecated parallel port support by arduino.

      Pep6kid sent me a list of bugs and wise enhancement request list under coding.

      track layout editor: see enclosed images (under dev)


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        Ultimate Racer 4.0 remains in progress

        It's great to hear from you Ricky. Looking forward to the release and to be able to buy a license.


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          thx for your support! I am doing my best for our hobby!


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            how long should it take to receive a license code after paying my EU20 for purchase?
            I did a purchase last night, but did not receive a code automatically, and this morning there was no email


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              I bought mine a few days ago. I received the code within minutes...


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                hmmmm still none

                Still no code.
                I have been having trouble recently getting emails to/from Racer/Sideways in France - Their pesky ISPs are a bit quick on the draw at blocking New Zealand (any) ISPs if they have detected any spam at all via that ISP. It may be connected.

                But I have also emailed him from my webmail address, and still no response.
                I will try again.


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                  Hi Mark, replied by mail. Anti spam issue?


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                    About the same time as Ricky replied here, he emailed me at a different email address I had sent to him, gave me the codes, and remembering a little work I did for him on the product 10 years back, very kindly refunded my PayPal ( I sure wasn't expecting that)

                    Service score 12 out of 10 - thank you Sir Torpedo !!

                    I think we had an issue with emails through a French ISP, as I had had the same issue with Racer/Sideways, which has now resolved itself as well.