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  • Upgrade

    Hi Just upgraded my PC to win 10 in readiness for UR4.
    So the Parallel ports don't work.
    I am now using a Phidget 0/16/16 interface & have got my Outputs for Track Power & Light Relays working.
    My Pit In/Out Inputs work with Light Bridge.
    Pit In/Out +5vdc--Phototransistor--Phototransistor-Input
    - 5vdc--Ground
    This shows all inputs on & go off when car goes over Phototransistor.
    Cant get the Timing to work.
    The timing is converted from a Viasue Parallel port system which worked prior to upgrade with Light Bridge which is just pin 10 to Phototransistor to pin 25.
    I have connected +5vdc to Cable that was connected to pin 10 & the Cable that was connected to pin 25 goes to an Input. -5vdc goes to ground.
    These are the same connections as my Pit In/Out which works.
    The Inputs show on but they do not go off when Car passes under light bridge or when the light is completely blocked.
    Any Ideas why.

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    Thinking through this a bit more to see if I can give you any more help. First thought, make sure all your lights are on before you start the software. I have had that issue before, not firing up my light bridge before starting the software.

    I remember reading there could be an issue with the Phidget and lap counting if your light bridge wasn't bright enough, worked with slowly going past, but not a full throttle pass. How bright is your light bridge?


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      Thanks for the reply.
      I have tried turning on the Light Bridge first but made no difference. While I was faffing about I noticed that when I put my finger over the sensor it did not change state but did when a car was over the sensor. I have put an 60 watt bulb over the sensors but there was no difference in operation. I have also found that the sensors for timing come on as soon as I turn on the 5vdc even without the Light Bridge On but my Pit sensors only come on when the Light Bridge is turned on. So its something Peculiar with the Viasue sensors or they need to be wired differently. Any help would be gratefully received. I might just buy some more sensors the same as my pit lane ones & install in a new piece of Track for Timing.


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        If I get a chance Iíll climb under my track and see if f I can figure out where everything is connected. I do know my pit sensors and lap sensors are exactly the same, if that helps at all. If I remember correctly, I do believe my sensors only go from the ground to the sensor, back to the input. I could be wrong, but I donít believe I have any voltage going through my photo sensors. I will double check though. It was dumb, I realize now, but I didnít putntogether any final schematics after I got everything finally working.


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          Nope, never mind, I’m an idiot My sensors do all go to 5v. Sorry when I first did my track I did everything throuh the parallel ports I had. For simplicity and more options I switched to phidget, but it was long enough ago I’ve gotten everything I’ve tried mixed up. My guess is it’s the sensors you are using for lap timing. I’ll look through my stuff and try to get you the numbers on the sensors I have.


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            Sorry for delayed reply....
            Have replaced my old sensors with:
            Vishay BPW85B 50 į IR + Visible Light Phototransistor, Through Hole 2-Pin 3mm (T-1) package
            RS Stock No. 708-2829
            I have also upgraded my light bride to use 2 * 7W 6000K LEDs covering 4 Lanes.
            These work great with most cars but miss some laps with my fastest.
            I am going to try IR in the Lightbridge but unsure of type to use.
            Any HELP with part numbers would be appreciated.