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    Is there any way to print in actual size? or how to measure the distance from slot to outer edge of track that is single lane 1/43 routed in Ultimate Racer 3.0.

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    I don't know about printing actual size, but I'm assuming you want to measure something you've entered in the Layout Editor. Under VIEW > TOOLBARS make sure the Autoshapes toolbar is checked. Now, from the Autoshapes menu click on the Line Tool and draw a line that connects the points you want to measure the distance. Then select the line and right-click on it; select "Properties". On the "Default Object Properties" dialog box that appears, on the "Genearl" tab, check the "Display Length" box that is under the arrow styles. Click OK at the bottom of the dialog box, and now the length/distance of the line should be shown. I hope that helps.