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Hello Again, after being away...

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  • Hello Again, after being away...


    Hello, Paul here - I've been away quite a while (adding on to the house, working, raising a family, etc.) but hope to get back to finishing my track and actually racing! I'm excited to see what Ricky T has in store for us in UR 4.
    While we're still running UR 3, I noticed when I started using the UR 3.0 Layout Editor again that the Tomy library I had provided to the UR community years ago had a slight error on 4 lanes and above -- it didn't take into account the roughly 1/8 inch gap between track sections that you can't avoid when assembling the actual track pieces (if you use any curves). So, I've started working on a modified multi-lane library that would include the 1/8 inch gap. What I have so far has a dark gray dashed line that separates each 2 lanes of track like the example below:

    I wanted there to be some visual indication of the gap in track sections, but not too glaring - that is why I used a dark gray color. Would anyone be interested in having this library once I finish it? Do you think a solid line is better than a dashed one? Any comments / suggestions would be welcome.