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Request for completed race finishes.

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  • Request for completed race finishes.

    Hello Rickey

    Would really like to see the software being able to cut the first place lane after he has crossed the finish line, While still the other 3 lanes having power to complete the race.

    As alot of races can have placed changed during the last lap

    Fingers crossed

    Thanks again

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    Hi Falcon,

    added as enhancement request . I do remember this was already asked & replied... in the same manner I am currently working on another ur3 features taking me some time. So this request is currentlt postponed until having current developpements achieved and tested.

    They concern the replacement of mdac by another light sql engine to simplify ur3 installation procedure.

    I keep u all posted when this is achieved (at least one month and half more) .



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      Hello Ricky

      I was just wondering if you have now had the time to add this to the software ?



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        Hello Falcon,

        this enhancement request is still on my to-do-list. Current coming release is mostly focused on localization & track layout editor.

        Some easy to add features will be added in the race management system. Currently the enable/disable flags have been removed from the hardware setup to make the configuration easier, a link with zone trigger and few other minor enhancements.


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