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  • Automatic Starting of Races/Heats

    Hi Pierrick, just wondering if it is possible to program UR30 to allow races to be run automatically to set parameters when all heats are set up. It would need a user-specified time delay parameter. If for instance there are 6 heats set up and the race controller inputs a 30 second start delay, the system should initiate a time countdown as soon as the start flag is clicked and after 30 seconds, it should automatically start the heat and run it according to the race settings and on completion of the heat, then repeat the sequence until all 6 heats are completed. Of course it would be helpful if provision could be made for the sequence to be manually paused and resumed should something untoward happens which causes a disruption to the racing. A feature like this would be a boon for race controllers who would then be freed from the mundane task of manning race control just to start a race and allow him to participate in the actual racing.

    The reason I asked is because when I was in RC car racing, we had the software which did this plus it also called the names of the drivers who would be driving in the next heat to the start line (It had a phonetic training feature whereby the user can input phonetically spelt names which in its original form would be difficult for the system to pronounce and the system would then announce the name according to this spelling.). I am not asking for this (name calling) to be added as it will probably be a little too much to put on your plate but maybe an announcement of the next heat like "NEXT RACE NUMBER .... 3" should be sufficient to get drivers alerted for their driving stint and a 10-second warning before the start lights sequence should get everyone ready. The race controller can easily print out and display the list of drivers for all heats so that everyone will be aware of which heat they are racing in.

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    An option on implementing this

    If Ricky did implement automatic starting of heats, it is worth considering the way that Trakmate handles this aspect.

    You can configure 2 parameters before the race.

    1) The amount of time in seconds which the software displays the results of the individual "race" (heat/part of an overall tournament) that was just completed.
    2) The amount of time in seconds that you can see the drivers to race next, and their lanes, before the next "heat" (race) begins.

    At club we typically configure this as 30 seconds to view results, and 1 minute to see next race driver/lane order.

    I like this method, as everything is configured before the race. Even if we had 5 mintues between heats.....SOMEONE will be rushing to the start line with their car 5 seconds before race start, looking for their coloured lane sticker, panicing about getting their controller plugged in..........

    so Trakmate also has a "pause" button which is part of the "popup" window pane counting down the seconds until race start.... it gets used every night.......and not just for the new members........