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[Newbie question] How to create a four (or more) lane layout?

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  • [Newbie question] How to create a four (or more) lane layout?


    I downloaded and installed the recent version of Ultimate Racer 3.0 and see that in the race management section I can name the track (circuit) and select the number of lanes. However, when I switch over to the track design editor it seems that I can only design two lane tracks.

    Is this correct? If not, how can I set the track design editor so it will do a four (or more) lane track design?

    Best regards,


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    Hi George,

    Once you're in the designer program, open up the track selection and there is a piece of track that is either 4 or 6 or 8 lanes wide i.e. two, three, or four straight sections side by side. Place one of those on your main straightaway, and then build onto that. For what it's worth I am referring to the Scalextric Sport library.



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      Thanks, that works. Unfortunately the Tyco Ho library doesn't have these pieces. For now I can use the Tomy AFX library as their pieces are a super set of the Tyco pieces and Tomy does have the 4, 6, and 8 lane starting piece.


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        Hi George,

        you can also use the .28 which have such kind of track sections (4/6/8) lanes. .28 is not officially released yet. It's an alpha release but its track layout editor is more comprehensive than .27.

        Refer to .28 preview post for download (note : few bugs remain and some may occur until final release, thx to keep me posted if you find some).