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Laptop Parallel Port or Joystick Interface?

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  • Laptop Parallel Port or Joystick Interface?

    I am looking into purchasing a photo-cell lap timing System from Greg Braun to interface with my Compaq HP Laptop 9010 running Windows XP and UR3.0. I spoke with Greg and he cautioned me that many Laptop computers put the LPT Port in sleep mode and that I should purchase cabeling that will interface with the Laptops Gameport/JoyStick Interface?

    Has anyone had an issue using UR3.0 with a laptop Parallel Port? Does UR3.0 support using a Joystick Interface?

    His website describes his timing system as follows:
    The interface cables sold below include photo-cells which are mounted under your slot car track. The photo-cells are connected to s small junction box that is mounted under the table. The junction box included in the interface kit uses a standard RJ-45 modular network jack. The kit also includes an 8 foot Cat-5 Network cable and a Printer or Joystick connector with an RJ-45 jack enclosed in the plastic hood. These interface cables require no assembly or soldering. Simply mount the photo-cells under your track, attach the junction box to the underside of the table and plug the included cable into the junction box and the port on the back of your computer.