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    I need some help to get the 5Lights sequence working properly. The default setting for 5Lights under Advanced Settings is Red;1.5;Orange;0. I have changed this to Red;1;Orange;4-7 to reflect the current F1 regulations and because I like the uncertainty that the random 4-7 second start provides.

    But it doesn't work. The interval between the red lights changes so I know the program is using my new configuration, but the race starts the very moment the last red light comes on, and the random delayed start is not working at all.

    I'm also plannng to use the 5Lights with LEDs - is there a way to stop UR3.0 displaying the red lights on the computer screen when I do this?

    Thanks for any help,

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    5 Lights

    Your observation is right in that a race begins almost simultaneously with the 5th red light. The delay is between the red lights not between the red and green. My work around (so 5th red does not appear instantaneous with Green is I created a 4 Red and 1 Green tree. Using the editor I removed the red icon that was linked to Red5, not the configuration just the visible display to it. As a result when the heat starts the 4 red light tree comes up on screen and the 4 red lights come on in order with the configured delay, where the 5th would come on (that delay) is not displayed but the interval is maintained before the green goes on. In essence eliminating the display of the 5th red and not allowing Drivers to get that head start. Also another misleading factor with the term "Random" for the interval between lights is that the time between each light is random, such is not the case, the time between the lights is always the same throughout the set (5 lights) however one heat the time might be 1 sec. between the next heat 4 sec. between.

    As per your specific design, the 5 start light configuration DOES NOT take the orange light into consideration, it only applies to the light blocks on screen. Again using the editor on your Header screen, you can completely remove the light blocks and 5 light tree from the display leaving only your detached light tree visible to racers. In UR30 help (2 lane Tutorial) is an example of what I created. I currently have 2 such trees, 1 at drivers station (smaller version) and a much larger one just above the start/finish line. Note: When configuring the heat start sequence you still need to select the 5light sequence, but do not need to display it on screen. The events (1st red light, 2nd red light...) need to be configured to outbound pins but are independent from displayed items. Additionally, I configure my 1st red light to event "Red light" vice "1st Red light" because under this configuration when I use a "Track Call / Pause" it automatically comes on as part of LED's I use as corner track status lights as well as serving the 1st red in the tree.
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