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When will UR 4.0 be released?

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  • When will UR 4.0 be released?

    Do you have any idea when version 4.0 will be ready? I really am interested to see what the new features will be...


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    I am expecting September (this year) for the Race Management System. Couple of screensnapshots enclosed:
    Main screen is now a dashboard


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      That link isn't working.

      Any chance of getting a beta version any sooner than that? :-)


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        we're carrying out tests on the RMS development release. Facebook contact: Ricky Torpedo


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          Development news

          Dear Ricky,
          are there any news about the development?


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            Dear Ricky, are there news about the release date?


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              i missed september because of critical bugs => i did have to restrict the release to w10 and get rid off deprecated // port management.
              Layout editor preview (under dev):
              ur40 layout2 small.png
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                Any updates on UR 4 Ricky?


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                  Bump. Any updates on UR4, anyone?


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                    Yep! Soon back after recoding 30% of the RMS. This time will be the good one!


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                      targeted UR40 RMS release date: dec 2019/jan 2020. We are starting tests with SCR 73 (friends of mine)

                      Club Requirements (max): 32 x lanes (ex: 4x 8 lane circuits) for teams up to 16 drivers per team.

                      Here after couple of RMS screen snapshots.

                      - hw setup simplified as most as possible: one list item per interface. Here you attach inbound/outbound rms events to pins

                      rms hw setup.png
                      - ur40 now manages series correctly: the series are grouped into "racing events". Ex: x1 serie of qualifications + x1 serie of round robin segments can make a racing event. Each serie is made of one or more heats: these heats are races for race series (like qualifications or shared slotcar series), or segments (like round robin segment serie). ur40 also introduces an interactive "race maker" to generate heats from wizzard (here: round robin serie starting grids)
                      The starting grids can be modified at your convenience.
                      rms race maker.png

                      - multiscreen race windows:
                      . the main race screen is undockable and can display either all current serie driver/cars, or just racing driver/cars
                      . you can open one window per starting position:
                      rms multi screen.png

                      - html customizable race windows: all race windows can be customized at your convenience in html. ur40 manages a huge dictionary of keywords you can use to display exactly the race information you need (there are more more available race status fields in ur40 than in ur30...)
                      rms html race window.png
                      16 driver undocked race screen (html customized...):
                      rms 16l race screen.png
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