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Modular "phoenix-project": two tables, wood, braid and scenery

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  • Modular "phoenix-project": two tables, wood, braid and scenery

    Hi all, this is my "phoenix-project", a reboot of my hillclimb project ( ) that I sadly had to abort. You can read about the reasons on page 9 of that tread.

    The good news is that I have learned so much and, for a while, have had a better idea about what I want to create.

    The main idea is that this track will consist of two tables that I can attach to each other in different ways to create different tracks. Each table could also function independently as a smaller track. It will be wood, braid, two lanes and with scenery, and that's about what I know now.

    test routing

    thanks for watching!

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    Looking good' Loved that first track you guys made.


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      Hi Pip, Interesting concept. I love my hill climb but have the itch for something new so I look forward to seeing how this evolves.