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Building a hillclimb

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  • I didn't think the water idea would look realistic to scale but it looks brilliant! The grass is bringing the hillside to life too. Excellent work.


    • That is annoyingly gorgeous. It's so pretty it makes my track look ugly. Its the push I needed to finish my landscaping.

      Beautiful and innovative work Pim, thank you for sharing your excellent work.


      • Pim, the creek is looking really nice. What did you end up using for your pump and reservoir?


        • Very impressive landscape and pavement... looks like real... paul


          • Pip, I would like to talk with you about your switching mechanism. Automatic reversal of polarity so the car can continue back down the way it came up.



            • Wow, I have left this tread silent without a trace, my apologies! Thank you for your kind words in 2017 DrDiff, if you still need info, let me know, I am happy to help. I have been more active on FB for the last year or two, but after some time over there, I have come to some insights regarding FB versus forums. Especially with build treads, I must conclude that forums (fora?) are a much better suitable format, providing a better place to discuss and anwer things about the builds in more detail; there's simply litterally more space for it. FB is great to quickly share a pic or reply, but it is just not aimed at in-depth discussions. So, as far as I am concerned, I will do both, put updates on FB and post more detailed updates of my builds over here.

              Speaking of updates, here's one around this hillclimb build:

              For the sake of completing this thread, an update. After months of doubt, a couple of weeks ago I decided to disassemble the track. The reason is that it had some mayor fundamental flaws that I could never fix. The structure underneath was not built strong enough, and it became way too weak for the weight, the track could have never been moved even 2 meters without it collapsing under its own weight. I had lots of electrical problems, mainly because of using tape in stead of braid. Then there was the water features that kept leaking, because I had not thought out the drainage route properly before building it. Then there was the overall size that demanded too much scenery. Finally, I always regretted not making it 2 lanes.

              So, while I was frustratingly continuing on the hillclimb, I was at the same time dreaming for months about doing it the "right" way with a better construction and plan. A smaller footprint, braid, two lanes etc. So, I took it apart as gentle as I could, saved all the trees, bushes and rocks and wiring, screws and wood.

              Armed with the lessons learned, skills acquired, inspiration and all the stuff I was able to save, I have started a new track.

              Test cutting:

              I would like to thank everyone who watched and followed this thread, and supported me with cheers and advice. Who knows, soon there will be a new thread. Finally, some of the last pics from the hillclimb that I took before disassembly:

              All the best,



              • And so it begins... new tread starts here: