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HELP: My go at starting new track/club!

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  • HELP: My go at starting new track/club!

    Hello, to all current commercial track owners. I am in the process of starting a commercial raceway and hobby shop. The emphasis being the track. From what I've read and gathered by reading these forums is that a lot of the revenue is made up from rentals and sales. While I've already some potential investors the bottom line is this; I have yet to come up with some hard projection numbers.

    So, I am needing some business plan help. I wouldn't think this would be something that a current owner would keep close to their chest. Is it? I would like to start one here. Especially since there isn't a track in my town/area. Now, there is a raceway but it's about a 30 minutes drive away. I'm attempting to bring this fun a tad closer to home. I've done the typical legwork such as rental location, utilities and market demographic. However, because I am not familiar with the P&L (profit and loss) of this type of business I am not sure how to show this. One thing I know is that aside from being driven for this I know that several of you have had good success with this business field.

    I own a decent start for a track but this seems more suited for simple home club racing:
    113'-9" Ninco 4-lane

    Again, a decent start, but I would hope to expand it to this:

    I would obviously consider the standard 155' Blue King or the like, also a tri-oval for beginners and I have started to route a 3-lane 1/43rd track (the idea here was for some of the more $oft-core hobbyists[?]). In consideration is to also use a portion of the area for parts and product sales and another area for American style concessions (ie hot dogs, hamburgers, wings fountain drinks and candy). Perhaps a small arcade? Again these are just my thoughts and any help is greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM me or email me directly at [email protected]

    Best Regards,
    Abi Leon
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    Starting a buisness is ALWAYS a learning curve! I began my HO Slot Car business here in Los Angeles around 2004. I started working with a club at first, but ended up on my own. I primarily do slot car parties now where we bring the track to the customer for a 2 hour party. I have considered getting a permanent location but the expensive leases for a small space and no parking are just crazy here!! I have talked to a few wholesalers and they prefer that you have a solid brick and mortar building. Scalextric has to have it that way!! Other venders like NINCO are a little more forgiving with no minimum purchase orders. I used an inventory system on Quicken for my purchases and sales and it will automaticaly calculate your profit and losses. It even has a printable sheet for your tax preparation. I started with a few items and additional parts for the cars. Gears (crown & pinion) were always a good seller as well as the better traction tires like Supertires or Indy Grips. You can always do special orders for your customers so you don't have to sit on excess inventory. Get to a hobby show to meet your product reps. They can really help you out and give you good advice! Get the word out about your track and make some cheap flyers. A small website and business cards are important too! GOOD LUCK on your venture and try not to get bogged down by all the excess crapola & politics! Remember,if you love what you do then it's not a job!!

    Marc Natividad
    West Coast Slot Cars
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      Jim Honeycutt in San Antonio

      is someone you NEED to speak with. He has been in this business a long time, 25+ years. He has a raceway facility in San Antonio, but I don't know the name of it. Also, go to the Old Weird Herald website, it is more geared toward commercial racing and tracks and ask over there for help, there are several commercial track owners that contribute to that forum. SCI caters more to home/club type racing.