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  • Danbury Raceway

    60 Mill Plain Road Danbury, CT - Phone: 203- 778 - 3337
    CONTACT US: Phone: (203)-778-3337
    Location: 60 Mill Plain Road
    Danbury, CT 06811

    • Thurs & Friday- 4pm to 8pm
    • Sat- Noon to 8pm
    • Sun- Noon to 7pm
    • Danbury Raceway has been a premier slot car facility since 1993 and is commited to staying on the fast track to bring you all the lastest in the industy.
    • Danbury Raceway is One of the Largest Slot Car Tracks in the Northeast! A 7500 sq ft facility that houses 5 tracks, each with its own challenging levels that cater from beginners to experts!
    • Danbury Raceway has 2000 sq ft upstairs that is home to 2 excellent tracks! Enjoy the privacy while overlooking our other 3 competition tracks downstairs!
    • Danbury Raceway has a newly renovated retail store, stocked with the LARGEST INVENTORY IN THE NORTH EAST.
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    Is this place still open?
    Do they have an email contact?


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      Suggest you Google them to obtain more details, or just give them a call, the number is in Dave's post. to SCI!


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        Sign Posted on Door and Message left on Voicemail as of 10.26.14:

        Due to UN foreseen circumstances the Danbury Raceway will be closed indefinitely.
        I had gone to the Danbury Raceway September of 2013 and went about once every month with my 2 year old. We used some of my old cars from the mid / late 90's and had a blast.

        Problem is.............the place was a ghost town and I always worried how long could they stay open.

        Fast forward to this Sunday I arrived with my slot box in one hand and 2.5yr old in the other to see a locked door and a sign.............walking back to my car with my son in tears (literally).

        He got over it pretty fast as most kids that age due but for me I still feel the loss. I am not sure the story here other then business decline. They certainly were not keeping inventory levels and track maintenance to what it used to be...........but that could have easily been a reflection of cash flow.

        The place has great tracks, lots of square feet, lots of potential. Does anyone have some inside info?


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          They are back open Saturday and Sundays only from 12pm - 7pm.


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            Hello and just an update.

            Danbury Raceway had re-opened in mid February on Saturday and Sundays only from 12pm - 7pm before closing for the summer as they normally do.

            Usually they re-open in late September. I have contacted them via [email protected] in order to see if they plan to re-open with weekend hours this fall and I will report back.


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              I got a reply back and it is not good news:

              "I am sorry that I didn't get back with you right away. Unfortunately the track is closed for racing for good. This email is going to Pete's family. I am his great niece. I have mentioned you to Pat and have passed along your stories and appreciation for the track. We hate that we have to close the business. Thanks and have a good day. -Sandra "