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R & R Raceway now DeBary Glen Open for races First Races scheduled

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  • R & R Raceway now DeBary Glen Open for races First Races scheduled

    I have rented space in a small commercial park near where I live and hopefully by this weekend the Raceway will be moved and set up in it's new home. The location is:
    333 Highbanks Road, Unit 11
    DeBary, Fl. 32713

    I hope to be ready to host races by the end of March.
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    Any updates? This is about 15 minutes from my house.


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      This last week I have finally had some new visitors to my raceway. Four adults and two children of the fellow who rents the space next to mine. Three of the adults race with me at the commercial track on Friday nights. Two of them drive over from the Ocala area each week and they stopped by on Friday afternoon on the way to Longwood. they seemed impressed and indicate they would like to participate in some club racing. The other fellow racer lives nearby and will probably visit more often. The fourth adult is a long time friend and model builder who lives in Orlando. He never raced slot cars before yesterday but I think I have him hooked The kids have been by before and they are getting more skilled with each visit. This was the first time I had the power interupt switch in place so nobody could cheat on track calls. The boy was upset at that since his sister was crashing a lot. He's pretty smart as he chose a slower car that stayed on the track better. I acted as race director while they raced with my friend. The boy won all three races before their Dad spoiled the fun and said they had to go home for dinner.

      I think once the word gets around we are going to have a fairly active race schedule.


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        I am tentatively planning to conduct my first race event on the evening of June 11, 2011. We will decide which brands and classes of races based on who shows up with what equipment. A magnet marshall will be used to check for excessive magnetic downforce. The track is four lane Scalextric sport with individual power packs for each lane and stock Scaley controllers available. If you wish to use your own controller it must be equipped with the appropriate 3 wire phone jack. We will run Scalextric, Ninco, Fly and Slot.It brands with stock motors. Any tires and rims you choose to run. Weight and magnets will follow the Lakeland club guidelines.

        Timing equipment/lap counter is Trackmate with IR sensors. There is room for small pit areas but table surfaces are at a premium so don't bring your entire tool kit.

        I am providing at least 2 unopened 1/32 scale cars as door prizes. One to be awarded to the person who comes from the farthest distance. The second to be awarded at random. This is a one time only offer. I am attempting to get a core group of club racers organized so we can have regularly scheduled races.

        There are no entry fees or club dues to be paid. Cold soft drinks will be available.

        Start time will be 7:30 PM and we will be open until the last racer leaves.

        The address is:

        333 E. Highbanks Rd., Unit 11
        DeBary, Fl. 32713
        Ph. 407-692-5856

        Call me if you have any questions or wish to check out the facility prior to race day, I can be there most any time except Friday nights when I am racing elsewhere.

        Come on out and let's get the ball rolling.


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          One more thing. Anyone reading this and who plans to attend please RSVP so I can get an idea of how many racers there will be as space is limited.